Heating and Cooling in Fishers, IN

Services Offered by Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning in Fishers

No matter what your needs may be, Thiele is here to help! We have been servicing the Fishers, IN area for many years, and are happy to be the community’s trusted heating and cooling company. 

AC Repair, Installation, and Tune-Ups

If any problems or issues arise with your cooling systems, we can come out and service them with our repair teams.

Additionally, we can replace and install new units to keep your home cool and comfortable all year long.

Heating Repair, Installation, and Tune-Ups

Our workers have expert training in a wide variety of heating units. For repairs and routine tune-ups, call, and we’ll get your units back to working condition.

We’ve also perfected our installation services over the years. We offer them without any additional fees or charges.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

We recognize the importance of healthy air quality inside the home. Our air quality solutions ensure that you and your family are living in safe indoor conditions.

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Heating and Cooling Systems Thiele Offers

At Thiele, we specialize in a variety of heating and cooling systems, including:

  • Conventional heating systems feature centralized heating to warm all areas of the home consistently. 
  • Electric heat pumps heat and cool your home whenever you may need it. These units are powerful and fulfill two jobs in one, making them one of the most popular in our selection.
  • Geothermal systems obtain their power from geothermal vents. While these are relatively more expensive to install, they utilize a renewable energy source, making them the most eco-friendly option.
  • Boiler units are some of the lowest-priced units that we offer.
  • Hybrid heating units optimize efficiency and draw power from multiple sources.
  • Air conditioning units from leading brands are available in our extensive so that you can quickly cool down any indoor space.
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Best Fishers Heating & Air Conditioning Company

We have worked hard to earn the title of being the leading Fishers, IN heating and air conditioning service with our:

Financing Options

Our financing options let you pay for the services you need on terms you can afford. Call us to discuss what financing plans will work best for you!

Preventative Maintenance Program

Join our preventative maintenance program, and reap the benefits of routine service call-outs.


We offer coupons on some of our services so that our customers save even more.

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24/7 Emergency Service in Fishers

Even though our systems are some of the best on the market, we acknowledge that emergencies can still arise.

Luckily, we have workers on-call at any time of day to help you in your time of need. We can restore your units when you need them most!

Call us, and we will quickly provide you with a timeframe in which we can serve you. We take pride in our efficiency and work quickly to get your units back up and running.

For even faster service, we encourage you to become a member of our rewards program. Members of our annual service program get priority placement on repairs during peak seasons.

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We have been offering top-of-the-line Fishers, IN heating and air conditioning service for many years. For a fast and reliable service, book an appointment today!

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