Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do you charge to come out on an emergency service call?

A: Typically a diagnostic with repair would be $89.95, unless the service is performed outside of normal business hours, when our fee is $119.95. If you are a member of our “Rewards” Service Agreement Program, you would receive a 15% discount on service calls, no matter the day or time. For example, as a “Rewards” member, the cost for a normal emergency service call would be $76.45, and an after-hours service call would be just $89.95 instead of $95.95.

Most customers without a service agreement who need after-hours emergency service end up joining our “Rewards” program at that time, because for just a few extra dollars (annual maintenance fee compared to full after-hours rate) they receive the benefits of year-round maintenance and discounted priority emergency service.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash, personal checks, financing, with approved credit, and major credit cards.

Q: How quickly can I expect someone to arrive in an emergency?

A: Typically, we can have a technician to your door within an hour. Of course, at certain times of the year we are busier than others. Our busiest time is during the summer and the first six weeks of Fall, when people turn on their gas, oil or electric furnace or a/c system for the first time in a while and discover problems.

To ensure the fastest response possible in a time of need, consider joining the Thiele “Rewards” Service Agreement Program.

Q: Will I get service faster if I have a maintenance contract?

A: We do try to take care of all our customers in a timely fashion. However, as a benefit of the Thiele “Rewards” Service Agreement Program, members always take priority and go to the front of the line, even during our busiest times. If more than one member customer needs service at the same time, and multiple crews are not available, they are scheduled by the order in which we receive the request.

Q: Is it necessary to have my HVAC system serviced regularly?

A: We recommend, and according to the manufacturer, that furnaces and air conditioning systems should be serviced bi-annually to maintain peak performance and efficiency. It is important to remember that a dirty air conditioner or furnace will not perform at peak efficiency and will not produce as much heat or cooling, which costs you money in extra energy usage.

Q: How often do I need to change my air filter?

A: It depends upon your system and the type of filter you use. We recommend a high-quality, 4 or 5 inch media filter which, because of their high efficiency, need to be changed less often than cheaper filters. Normally, filters should be changed every 6 months of use. If you use 1 inch filers, these should be changed monthly.

Q: If I change my filters regularly, why do I need a service agreement?

A: Air conditioners need to be maintained because they gather dust, seeds, wasp nests and other material that can plug up the outdoor condensing unit. If not cleaned out properly, they could damage the compressor, motors and other components. Furnaces can develop carbon buildup if not adjusted correctly, that needs to be cleaned out periodically.