Air Conditioning Tune Up in Indianapolis, IN | AC Maintenance

Air Conditioning Tune Up in Indianapolis, IN

How Often Should My AC Be Serviced?

Maintenance should be performed on residential air conditioners once per year. The team of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality specialists at Thiele recommend this service in the spring, preferably before you turn the unit on for the first time during the season. This allows us to inspect and clean the unit and make any recommendations for repairs. We frequently receive phone calls for AC repairs because systems didn’t start up when turned on for the first time in the spring.

If you have a heat pump unit, maintenance should be completed twice per year because these dual-purpose systems provide both cooling and heating. Schedule service during the spring for cooling checks and the fall for heating checks.

If spring has passed, don’t worry — you can give your AC some TLC anytime. Schedule your air conditioning tune up in Indianapolis, IN, with Thiele today.

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What Does an AC Tune Up Include?

An AC tune up is a detailed maintenance service designed to optimize your system’s performance. Thiele’s expert technicians meticulously perform each step with precision. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect during your annual air conditioner tune up:

Thorough Inspection

First, a thorough inspection of your air conditioning equipment is conducted. This includes checking key parts like the thermostat, electrical components, and air filters. Thiele’s technicians ensure that your thermostat is accurately calibrated, all electrical connections are tight and secure, and your air filter is clean.

Refrigerant Level Check

Next, the cooling system’s refrigerant levels are checked. Proper refrigerant levels are crucial for your air conditioning system to cool your home effectively. If levels are too low or too high, it can lead to inefficient operation and increased energy costs. Thiele’s cooling experts adjust refrigerant levels to match the manufacturer’s specifications perfectly.

Cleaning Components

Cleaning is another critical part of the tune up. The condenser coils, which release heat from the air, are cleaned to remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated. This step ensures that your AC can efficiently cool your home and prevents overworking, which could lead to premature breakdowns.

Lubrication and Adjustments

During the tune up, our technicians ensure that all moving parts within your AC system are adequately lubricated. This crucial step reduces friction that can cause wear and tear over time, potentially extending the lifespan of your unit. Adjustments are also made wherever necessary to ensure that every component functions correctly, providing efficient and effective cooling.

System Controls Test

The final step is a comprehensive evaluation of your AC’s system controls. This involves testing the thermostat and the start, run, and shut-off sequences of your air conditioning unit. Ensuring these controls operate flawlessly is essential for maintaining the ideal home temperature and for the efficient operation of your system.

By choosing Thiele for your AC tune up in Indianapolis, IN, you’re ensuring that your system is in the hands of skilled technicians dedicated to preparing your home for a comfortable and cool summer season.

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Benefits of Air Conditioning Tune Up Services

Ensuring your air conditioner is primed to handle the hot Indianapolis summers is not just about comfort — it’s about efficiency, reliability, and savings. That’s why the value of an annual AC tune up can’t be overstated. From safeguarding against sudden breakdowns on the hottest days to extending your unit’s lifespan, the advantages of AC maintenance services are significant. Here’s what an AC tune up in Indianapolis, IN, can do for you:

Lower Energy Bills

Everyone wants to save money! Regular air conditioner maintenance ensures all of the unit’s components are working optimally, helping the equipment run more efficiently and decreasing wear and tear. Over time, this helps to lower your utility costs and monthly energy bill.

Fewer Costly Repairs

Regular maintenance greatly reduces the chance of repairs from occurring. When Thiele technicians inspect your air conditioner, they check all of the system’s components, looking for any problems within the unit that should be addressed now to avoid an untimely and more expensive breakdown later in the season.

In cases where the damage to your system is extensive or if your system is older, we might suggest opting for a complete replacement. If that happens, we can install a newer, more energy-efficient Bryant® system for you. We also provide special financing options to make the installation process easier on your budget.

Better Indoor Air Quality

An air conditioning tune up can significantly enhance your home’s indoor air quality. By cleaning and replacing filters, checking and cleaning ducts, and ensuring your system runs at peak efficiency, it reduces pollutants and allergens circulating in your home.

Longer System Lifespan

When you think about AC maintenance, consider the maintenance needs of your vehicle. You know the importance of scheduling an oil change a couple of times per year. Maintenance also needs to be performed on your AC unit if you want to increase its lifespan. Well-maintained ACs can last 15+ years, but a lack of regular air conditioner tune ups can mean you may need to purchase a new unit several years sooner.

Don’t wait for the heat to remind you about your air conditioning maintenance. Contact our team today for an AC tune up in Indianapolis, IN.

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Try Thiele’s Maintenance Plan for Hassle-Free Tune Ups

Joining Thiele’s HVAC system maintenance plan is a savvy move for any Indianapolis area homeowner. It streamlines AC care through pre-scheduled biannual tune ups, covering everything from your furnace or heat pump to your boiler and air conditioner. This proactive approach ensures both your cooling system and heating system run efficiently, significantly reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns. Plus, you can also enjoy exclusive perks like discounts on parts and repairs along with priority service. You’ll be at the front of the line every time!

HVAC maintenance shouldn’t be a big hassle. Sign up for a preventive maintenance plan today and enjoy peace of mind all summer long.

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Schedule Your AC Tune Up in Indianapolis, IN with Thiele

In the Indianapolis area, Thiele has established itself as the leading provider of heating and cooling services. With a rich history dating back to 1883, we are a well-known and trusted name in the Indy community. Our highly trained technicians are ready to service and repair all makes and models of air conditioners, ensuring a seamless and stress-free process for you. Schedule your maintenance appointment today and experience the Thiele difference.

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