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Heating & Furnace Replacement in Indianapolis, IN

Types Of Heating Systems Thiele Offers

You may be wondering what your options are when it comes to furnace replacement and furnace installation in Indianapolis. Serving Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, the team of HVAC contractors at Thiele specialize in, and install, the following types of heating systems:

  • Conventional heating: Conventional gas furnaces operate with natural gas, which is piped to a burner and mixed with air. With a conventional gas furnace, the gas is ignited and heats up a heat exchanger, resulting in a cozy, warm interior.
  • Electric heat pumps: Electric heat pumps are somewhat more eco-friendly than furnaces and AC units. They are designed to use electricity to heat up a home.
  • Geothermal: Geothermal heating systems make use of renewable energy for heating and cooling, resulting in significant savings for homeowners on utility bills.
  • Humidifiers: Furnace humidifiers, also known as steam HVAC humidifiers, maximize heat and increase humidity levels indoors.
  • Hybrid heating: Hybrid heating systems can detect changes in temperature and adjust accordingly. They are, therefore, the most environmentally conscious heating solutions on the market.
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Benefits of Replacing an Old Furnace

Think it’s time to replace your old furnace? Here are a few reasons why you should.

Better comfort and heating quality

A new furnace will heat your home more consistently and at optimal temperatures. If you’re tired of your home’s heating system not bringing your house up to the temperature that you’ve set, it might be time to install a new one.


With the installation of the right furnace, you can enjoy total peace of mind that your home will be warm and inviting no matter what the weather looks like outside. Just don’t forget to call on the heating and air conditioning professionals to perform routine maintenance at least once a year to maximize the lifespan of your new heating system.

Improved home air quality

A new furnace can promote cleaner air through advanced filtering systems and blowers that are designed to run all the time to keep dust from settling, therefore constantly filtering your home’s air while maintaining a more consistent temperature.

Fewer repairs

You might wonder if it is more cost-effective to repair an old furnace rather than replace it. It will indeed cost you less in the short term but could end up costing you a lot more in the long term. Any furnace nearing 15 years of age is likely to continue requiring furnace repair and tune up services more and more frequently, resulting in higher expenses over time.

Lower energy costs

Modern-day furnaces are designed to make the environment a top priority. As such, they are generally much more eco-friendly, which also means lower heating costs. Additionally, when your heating system struggles to bring your home up to the temperature that you’ve set, it’ll stay on longer in an effort to hit that temperature. A newer unit will get to the set temperature quicker, allowing the unit to have a bit more downtime.

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Signs That It’s Time For a New Furnace

Just because your current furnace is old doesn’t necessarily mean that it is time for a replacement. While it might require furnace repairs and maintenance to be performed more often, you can likely still use your current system, as long as there are no lingering issues.

There are some signs to watch out for that will let you know when to call on Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning for furnace installation in Indianapolis and the surrounding area.


While age isn’t the only factor to consider, it definitely plays a part. Any furnace 15 years or older is almost certain to require a replacement within the next few months or years. Depending on how well you have kept up with regular maintenance over the years, you might need to replace your furnace a few years sooner.


Have you noticed that you need to call in the experts to perform maintenance more often than before? As a furnace begins to age, it becomes much less energy-efficient, meaning that dirt, dust, and other debris accumulates within the system a lot faster.

Frequent repairs

You might also notice that your rooms are no longer warming evenly, or your energy bills are rising steadily. Older furnaces tend to break down more frequently.

Cost of repairs

These repairs might seem simple and affordable to handle at first, but the more often they happen, the more money you will spend over time. It makes sense to invest in a new system rather than trying to keep up with the increasing cost of repairs for your current furnace. For HVAC services that you can depend on, get in touch with Thiele.

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Preventative Maintenance Program for New Furnaces

Thiele offers a preventative maintenance program that helps to ensure your new heating system stands the test of time. For a set fee, our heating, cooling, and indoor air quality service technicians will come to your home to conduct bi-annual maintenance, including:

  • Replacing air filters
  • Adjusting airflow temperature
  • Checking thermostat operation
  • Cleaning the system

With this service, we guarantee peace of mind regarding furnace longevity and ensure a favorable long-term investment.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

Contact Thiele for Furnace Replacement in Indianapolis, IN

If you would like to learn more about furnace installation, furnace replacement, or preventative maintenance for new furnaces in Indianapolis, get in touch with Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning today! Our customer service team will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

When you call on us for furnace replacement, we’d love to help you find a system that saves you money and energy. We’ll work with you to find a system that provides the most amount of benefits to your Indianapolis home.

Call us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll provide a more efficient furnace and restore comfort to your Indianapolis home through our professional furnace replacement services!

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