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What are the Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier?

Our Indianapolis humidifier installation services can solve many issues caused by dry air, such as:

Your Skin Won’t Dry Out

Have you noticed that you have to moisturize more often in the winter? A humidifier can prevent your body from drying out, helping your skin feel softer and healthier.

Less Likely to Get Sick in the Winter

Breathing in dry air can irritate your throat and cause respiratory problems. Install a whole house humidifier to help guard against illnesses like the flu.

You’ll Sleep Better

As the winter air dries out your throat, it can make sleeping difficult as you cough more. A whole house humidifier helps your entire household get a good night’s sleep.

Skin Conditions Will Improve

Itchy skin and eczema are symptoms of your skin drying out in the cold. Installing a humidifier can prevent this from becoming a painful problem.

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Why Should You Install a Whole House Humidifier?

A house benefits from humidity as much as the people living in it. Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in humidifier installation in Indianapolis, and our quality whole house humidifier systems have a number of advantages for your home. A whole home humidifier is installed directly to your HVAC system and treats the air all across the home. These units offer far better coverage than a portable humidifier. Every bedroom can be treated at once, so everyone gets better sleep. Plus, there’s no need to drag equipment between rooms.

It also allows you to protect your family from common winter ailments associated with dry air. These can include dry skin, chapped lips and irritations of the eyes, nasal passages and throat. Illnesses like the common cold and the flu can also be exacerbated by dry air. Dry air causes wood to constrict, which can cause problems in your door jambs and affect opening and closing. Floorboards become creakier, which is irritating. It may also cause damage to wood furniture and wood floors that are sensitive to cold air.

When your environment is at optimal humidity, your body feels warmer. Exposure to dry, cold air makes it feel colder than the actual temperature.

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Preventative Maintenance Service for Whole House Humidifiers

DIY Maintenance for IAQ Equipment

You can keep your IAQ (indoor air quality) equipment in good shape by avoiding dust build-up. If the system seems to be working at less than full capacity, Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning offers excellent service plans for maintenance.

Maintenance Service Plans

Thiele’s annual service plan includes bi-annual maintenance for your humidifier system. This includes cleaning and replacing filters, a tune up for the system and full internal cleaning.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

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Preventing dryness in winter is great for your home and your health. Get in touch with us today to start talking about our humidifier installation services in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas today!

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