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Indianapolis Heat Pump Installation

Benefits of a Heat Pump

The choice of how to warm and cool your home is significant. A number of factors including performance, durability and operating costs should be considered before making a purchase. The team at Thiele delivers solutions suited to your needs. Every home and household is unique. Learning some of the benefits of a heat pump is the first step.


Heat pumps switch modes between cooling and heating. This capability is distinct from air conditioners, furnaces and other appliances. By switching modes heat pumps provide warm or cool air through air ducts, radiators or radiant flooring systems. For many homes this means heat pumps can replace air conditioners and either replace or supplement a natural gas furnace. 

Energy Ratings

Heat pumps are exceptionally efficient, transferring more energy than they use. The most recent models may reduce your energy usage by 50% compared to traditional furnaces. Reduced energy usage both reduces your electric bill and lowers your overall carbon footprint.

Environmentally Friendly

While all heating and cooling equipment use energy, your carbon footprint is reduced by using a heat pump. Because heat pumps run strictly on electricity they do not produce any direct carbon emissions. Unlike natural gas furnaces, heat pumps do not produce heat to warm your home. Heat pumps transfer heat using refrigerants and electricity. 

Indoor Air Quality

Heat pumps offer a more comfortable indoor environment. Heat pumps filter outdoor air before it enters your home. This clean air is also more comfortable because heat pumps control humidity levels. Combined with constant air exchanges between indoor and outdoor air, compared to other heating and cooling systems heat pumps provide a better air quality.


With proper maintenance performed by Thiele in the spring and fall, heat pumps have a long lifespan. Manufacturers continually improve the quality, performance and efficiency of heat pumps. While you may require some repairs in the future, heat pumps are built to last for a decade or longer.

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How a Heat Pump Works

Our team of expert technicians evaluate your home and provide knowledgeable advice. For some homeowners who are apprehensive about whether a heat pump will suit their lifestyle, learning more about how a heat pump works is helpful. 

The most basic explanation of heat pumps is they transfer heat from one area to another area. Using a refrigerant and the physics of pressure, heat energy can be transferred from indoor to outdoor air. To cool your home, a heat pump removes heat from the indoor air and transfers it outdoors. During heating, a heat pump absorbs heat from outdoor air and transfers that energy to warm the air within your home. 

In cooling mode, air from inside the home is blown across the indoor coil. Heat is condensed or absorbed by a liquid refrigerant. Indoor air temperatures are reduced as the refrigerant transfers heat to the outdoor unit. Outdoor air is circulated through the coils and heat evaporates into the outdoor air. 

In a heating cycle, the process is reversed. The heat energy is condensed or absorbed in the outdoor unit by the refrigerant. The heated refrigerant transfers heat to the indoor unit. The indoor unit releases this energy into indoor air circulating warmth throughout your home.

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Thiele Maintenance Plan

Upon installation, Thiele offers a preventative maintenance service agreement for heat pump systems. Heat pumps should be maintained in the early spring before cooling season begins and again in the early fall before temperatures start to drop. For busy homeowners having our talented staff remind you of the best time to maintain your equipment is a smart choice. Our members also enjoy a 15% discount on parts and labor if repairs are required.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

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