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Heating & Cooling Services in Zionsville, IN

Services Offered by Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning in Zionsville

Thiele offers an extensive range of heating and cooling service options for residents and business owners in Zionsville, IN, and the entire Indianapolis area, including:

Air Conditioner Repair, Installation, and Tune-Ups

During the summer months, our HVAC technicians keep your Zionsville or Indianapolis air conditioner going strong with Thiele’s professional AC services. We offer installation, repair, and regular tune-ups on all makes and models. We also have a selection of AC products from the leading brands.

AC Repair: If your air conditioner ever breaks down during the middle of a hot summer’s day, you can rest assured that our certified technicians are expertly trained to make all types of repairs. We understand that air conditioning units often break down during the most inopportune time, but our team is ready to help. We’ll inspect the unit and make the appropriate repair. If you’re AC or heat pump system is older and it needs an expensive repair, we’ll also recommend when it might be time for AC replacement services.

AC Installation: Our HVAC equipment technicians are expertly trained at replacing and installing new air conditioner systems and are up-to-date on the latest installation techniques. We offer only the best products and materials. Contact Thiele when it’s time for AC installation services for your Zionsville, IN, home’s air conditioner.

AC Maintenance: One of the easiest ways to keep your air conditioning system in tip-top shape is by having annual maintenance performed on it, preferably in the spring before your turn the unit on for the first time. We’ll ensure your system is operating properly with an affordable tune-up service from one of our HVAC professionals.

Heat Pump Services: Many Zionsville area homeowners have made the switch from a traditional split system to an all-electric heat pump system. Heat pumps can both heat your home in cold weather and cool your home in hot weather by transferring energy either into or out of your home. If this sounds appealing to you, talk to Thiele about heat pump installation services. If you currently use a heat pump and are looking for a Zionsville HVAC company to service it, we will be happy to perform heat pump repairs to make your home comfortable again.

Don’t forget, since heat pumps run more frequently, they need more maintenance than a traditional air conditioning system. So talk to Thiele about scheduling your heat pump tune-up today.

Ductless Mini-Splits: If you have a workshop, stable, guest house, or another space that is separate from your home’s main HVAC system, you might be unsure of how to make this space comfortable. Ductless mini-splits are a great solution for new buildings, additions, or finished spaces around your home. Since they don’t use ductwork, they are incredibly energy efficient and versatile. Thiele can help install one, or multiple air handlers around your home, and then you can count on us for superior service in the future for repairs and maintenance.

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Heating and Cooling Systems Thiele Offers

Are you wondering if your HVAC system is a match for the team at Thiele? Our team of highly qualified technicians works with all types of HVAC systems. Just let us know what system you use, and we’ll deliver a quality heating and air conditioning service to your Zionsville home.

We repair and install a variety of popular air conditioning systems. Whether you need a quick tune-up or a whole new system, Thiele is ready.

Besides cooling, we’re also experts in heating. Call us for any of the following heating services in Zionsville:

Trust your HVAC system to Thiele, and you’ll be in expert hands.

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Indoor Air Quality Services

Your home’s comfort isn’t just caused by broken HVAC systems, it can also be caused by poor indoor air quality. Indoor air quality can make your home feel sticky, dry, or smelly. Luckily, the team at Thiele has the proper indoor air quality solutions to make your home feel better.

Air Cleaners

Air cleaners use strong HEPA filters to provide additional filtration to the air in your home. This can slow the spread of bacteria and germs throughout your home.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers use UV light to sanitize the air, stopping viruses and germs from reproducing. Air purifiers can also help eliminate odors in the home.


When your home feels sticky in the summer, even though your air conditioner is running, your home has high humidity. A dehumidifier can remove moisture from the air and help the performance of your air conditioner.


Dry air in the winter is what causes your lips to chap and your sinuses to be extra irritated. Humidifiers add moisture to the dry air to make your home much more comfortable and family healthy.


When your thermostat stops working, it can cause your HVAC systems to lose control. If it’s time to upgrade your thermostat to a new smart thermostat, or just replace your broken one, talk to Thiele.

UV Lights

UV lights are effective tools for purifying indoor air by neutralizing harmful microbes and allergens. They provide clean and healthy air, reducing the risk of illnesses and allergies. Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning provide both UV light installation & repair services.


Zoning can help you save energy by closing dampers in your ductwork so you’re not heating or cooling any unoccupied rooms. See if your house is a good candidate for a zoning system.

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Best Zionsville Heating & Air Conditioning Company

Thiele is the heating and air conditioning company you can trust in Zionsville. We provide unique programs to our clients, including:

Financing Options

At Thiele, we understand that new HVAC equipment can be expensive, which is why we give our clients financing options with approved credit. Caring for and updating your HVAC system doesn’t have to break the bank. Pay at a rate and schedule that works for you.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Practicing preventative maintenance is crucial for a healthy HVAC system. Want to make sure you stay on track? We offer a preventative maintenance program that connects you with regular tune-ups throughout the year.


If you want to save money while using our premier services, check out the coupons we offer on our different services.

Emergency HVAC service

Being without heat in the winter or having no air conditioning in the summer are HVAC emergencies. Don’t leave your home’s comfort and safety up to chance. Call Thiele right away for emergency HVAC services in Zionsville.

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Call Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning to Set an Appointment Today

When it comes to your HVAC system, trust Thiele Heating and Air Conditioning to keep it running smoothly. Give us a call to set up an appointment today. Our Zionsville, IN, heating and air conditioning service is the perfect solution for your home. Pick up the phone and call us at 317-943-8401, or contact us online today for HVAC services in Zionsville.

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