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Annual “Rewards” Service Agreement Maintenance Program

Features & Benefits of Thiele’s “Rewards” Service Program

For a very affordable annual fee, we will:

  • Perform bi-annual preventive maintenance
  • Check and adjust air flow temperature
  • Clean or replace air filters
  • Inspect and adjust thermostat settings and operation as desired
  • Clean coils and clear debris from condenser unit
  • Provide a 15% discount on any parts and repairs needed, including the current visit

Thiele’s “Rewards” Service Program provides homeowners the peace-of-mind:

  • Of knowing that a well-maintained system rarely breaks down
  • That in an repair, they are our top priority

Video: John Traub Discusses Annual Heating & Air Conditioning Service Plans

John Traub, president and owner of Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning, discusses the benefits of an annual maintenance program. Generally, homeowners don’t really want to think much about their heating and air conditioning systems. If there is a problem, they just want it fixed and never have to think about it again. However, most times, the problems go beyond a single repair.

Thiele: Customer Service with a Difference

Many homeowners do not perform the proper maintenance on their systems, which can cause a variety of problems in the future. Most problems occur due to a general lack of maintenance, most frequently the lack of changing the air filter.

  • Most customers in the middle of a “crisis” just want to know, “Can you get out right away?” and “Can you fix it?” They usually won’t remember who we were six months later. Many companies leave it at that…they take the money and run.
  • At Thiele, we believe differently. Our commitment to outstanding customer service requires that we go the extra mile to let the customer know what might also need to be done so we won’t be back in three months to fix another problem. We don’t just fix a part and leave.

As your hired professionals, we feel it is our obligation to inform our customers of these facts to help prevent the need for us to return in 3 or 6 months to perform another repair.

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