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Indianapolis Geothermal Installation and Repair

How Does a Geothermal System Work?

Geothermal systems draw on the science of refrigeration to heat and cool your home while utilizing less energy than traditional HVAC systems.

This efficiency is because these systems utilize the Earth’s natural heat energy as a resource for heating and cooling. The cooling and heating system consists of a geothermal heat pump and a component called the ground loop. The latter is a network of fluid-filled pipes buried underground.

Heat will naturally travel to cold locations rather than more warm or hot areas. These systems take advantage of thermodynamics to naturally heat the home.

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What Are the Benefits of a Geothermal System?

More Affordable to Operate

Our Indianapolis geothermal service means you can get a heating and air conditioning system that is both energy-efficient and cost-efficient. It uses significantly less energy compared to traditional HVAC systems, thus saving you money.

Warrant Protection

Thiele offers a great warranty protection on necessary maintenance or replacement that not only saves you time and money but also stress!

Most Eco-Friendly Option

The design of the system means they don’t need to produce as much energy to heat the home, making them a more eco-friendly option. Even better, they operate without emitting any greenhouse gasses or burning any fuel.

Quieter than Traditional HVAC Systems

The loud buzzing of traditional systems is distracting. Avoid the noise, and switch to a geothermal heating and cooling system!


These systems do not rely on fossil fuels. Instead, they use clean, renewable energy. This process means there is no risk of explosion, toxic fumes, carbon monoxide poisoning, or other harmful gasses.

Increased Comfort

Quieter, safer, more effective, and cost-friendly, geothermal heating systems allow for a more comfortable living situation in more ways than one.

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How to Get the Most out of Geothermal Heat Pumps

DIY Maintenance

Geothermal heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are typically user-friendly. Issues are rare, and these HVAC systems are also relatively easy to upkeep yourself.

Thiele’s Preventative Maintenance Plans

As a part of our annual preventative maintenance program, Thiele technicians will perform maintenance checks twice per year on your HVAC system. We help to keep the units performing well and hopefully avoid a repair service call for years.

Our Indianapolis Geothermal Service will:

Preventative Maintenance Plans

Contact Thiele for Geothermal Heat Pump Repair and Installation

Get the ball rolling on your Indianapolis geothermal service, including geothermal heating installation and repair. For more information about Indianapolis geothermal heating and cooling systems, please call 317-943-8401.

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