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7 Common Heat Pump Repairs  

Heat Pump Shuts Down

Failures can be as simple as a power loss to the heat pump or an issue within your thermostat. Since both of these problems involve electricity, calling a trained professional is important. Other reasons a heat pump shuts down or will not power on include failures in the reverse valve, starter capacitor, clogged air filters and dirty coils. Any of these problems can be diagnosed by our team and repaired in a timely manner.

Constant Running

The opposite issue may occur as well. When a heat pump continuously runs the system may need repair. A similar issue is called short cycling where the heat pump does not achieve the desired temperature setting before turning off. The common causes for both a heat pump short cycling or not turning on are faulty thermostats, dirty or clogged air filters and coils, compressor issues and refrigerant leaks. When a heat pump is under stress the unit may turn off to prevent major damage. Homeowners can clean air filters, exterior coils and turn the system on/off from the thermostat. If these actions do not resolve your issue, contact our team for assistance. 

Heat Pump Will Not Change Modes 

One of the most convenient features of a heat pump is the ability to switch between cooling and warming. The mechanism that changes between cooling and heating is called the reverse valve. When the reverse valve fails, heat pumps cannot switch modes. If this occurs professional repair is required.  

Weak Air Flow or No Air Circulating

Air should blow freely throughout your home. If air is not circulating when the heat pump is running, there is likely an issue with the air handler. Whether you have a dedicated air handler or utilize the blower within your furnace, an electrical issue is the likely cause. First check to make sure air filters and vents are not clogged. Next, you can check the circuit breaker within your home but beyond this solution you should call on our professional technicians. A careful diagnosis and repair of damaged wiring, motor replacement or other electrical issues will fix the problem.

Ice Buildup on Unit

Generally, if ice builds up on the heat pump, the unit will shut down to prevent damage. A light amount of ice typically occurs during the winter. Heat pumps defrost occasionally to reduce this ice buildup. If excessive buildup occurs damage to the fan blades, compressor and other components may occur. If your heat pump shuts down and you notice ice there could be a refrigerant leak, an issue within the reverse valve or like most issues a clogged air filter or dirty coils. During the summer, ice should not appear on the heat pump. If you see any ice buildup when the unit is in cooling mode contact our team. 

Cooling and Heating Issues

If temperatures within your home are not reaching the desired setting on your thermostat, there could be issues within the heat pump. The first step is to test the thermostat. Next, an inspection of the heat pump will reveal any malfunction. Low refrigerant levels, leaks, clogs and dirt in the system may be the cause. If your heat pump is not warming or cooling your home properly, contact professionals as soon as possible. Another sign is increased energy usage. If you see a spike of usage on your utility bill this may be an early sign to call on our team. Often catching issues early prevents breakdown of expensive parts.


If you smell anything unpleasant you should shut down the heat pump and contact our team. Electrical issues often present first as foul odors. Other issues like mold growth, overheating components from clogged filters and coils and foreign objects in the system may reveal themselves as strange scents. 

When to Call Thiele Heating & Cooling

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, then you should contact Thiele. Most often we can address repairs promptly and affordably when homeowners act swiftly. When issues persist components experience heavy strain and minor issues may become major repairs including expensive parts or even replacement of heat pumps. We encourage you to contact our support staff with questions and concerns with your heat pump.

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Proper Maintenance

The best heat pump repair is the one you never need. For this reason, Thiele offers preventative maintenance for heat pumps. Heat pumps should be maintained in the early spring before cooling season begins and again in the early fall before temperatures start to drop. For busy homeowners, having our talented staff offers a preventative maintenance plan to remind you when it is time to tune up your heat pump.

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