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When it comes to the brand of HVAC equipment to install, just remember that the quality of the installation is most important – more important than the difference between one name brand system and another. If you are confident in a brand you have used in the past, then you may want to stick with that brand.

Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning stands behind the quality of Bryant, our flagship product line. Bryant offers a solution focused on saving you money. Variable speed. For a heating and cooling system that maximizes efficiency and comfort, try variable speed.

Most traditional heating and cooling systems work at one level—full speed, wasting both energy and money. Bryant offers customers a solution—variable-speed. Variable-speed technology allows your heating and cooling systems to quietly ramp up only to the speed necessary to maintain the desired level of comfort inside the home. These slower speeds mean your system doesn’t have to work as hard much of the time, so it’s more efficient and better able to maximize comfort by creating more even interior temperatures and better humidity control, all while stretching your energy dollars.

And to top it off, variable-speed technology generally operates at a much quieter level than other heating and cooling systems due to its slower speeds. Less waste. Less noise. More savings.

Thiele has been installing Bryant systems in Central Indiana for more than 125 years, and we intend to still be here 125 years from now.

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