Carmel, IN Furnace Replacement

Signs you Need Furnace Replacement in Carmel, IN

It’s important to take note of the signs that you need a furnace replacement. By keeping these symptoms in mind, you’ll be able to schedule furnace replacement services before the system ultimately breaks down on you, leaving you without heat.

Furnace is Older Than 15 Years

Typically, a furnace will give you around 15 years of reliable heating. However, if you have not properly maintained your furnace, or if you live in an older home where the previous owners neglected their furnace, this lifespan will be reduced. Check with an HVAC technician if your furnace is older than 15 years. They will help you decide whether repair or replacement services are recommended for your furnace.

Higher Energy Bills

If you notice your energy bills are continually rising despite not changing your heating habits, this is a sign your furnace is now using much more energy than necessary. The longer you wait to replace your furnace, the higher your energy bills will rise until you’re able to replace your furnace with a newer, more energy efficient model.

Poor Air Quality

Your furnace heats your home by blowing air throughout. However, it needs to have its filter constantly replaced in order to produce clean air for your home. If the air quality in your home has continued to dwindle, leading to more dust and debris accumulating in the home, it’s best to replace the filter and inspect your furnace. Filter must be replaced regularly–at least every 3 months. Neglecting this might lead to permanent damage which requires you to replace your furnace completely.

Short Cycling

Your furnace should automatically turn on when the temperature in your home is below the desired temperature, allowing it to heat up the home. If you notice your furnace continues to turn off despite the temperature on the thermostat not being met, or it continues to shut on and off, this is a term known as short-cycling. This may simply be a dirty flame sensor or even a problem with a thermostat, but it also occurs when the furnace is nearing the end of its life cycle. Contact Thiele so we can inspect your furnace and get to the root of the issue.

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Benefits of Replacing Your Furnace

Although replacing your furnace might seem like a daunting task, it can be done easily with the help of a trained technician at Thiele Heating and Air Conditioning. Below are some of the many benefits you’ll experience by contacting us today to get started on your furnace replacement.

Save Money on Energy Costs

All furnaces have AFUE ratings to show how efficient the system is. Older furnaces will often have a smaller AFUE than newer furnaces, meaning they will not convert fuel to energy as efficiently as a new modern furnace. This means you will need to keep paying for fuel without much of it being used for actual heating. Replacing your furnace with a newer model increases this AFUE number, allowing you to save money on fuel as well as providing you with a more energy-efficient appliance.

Save Money on Repairs

It can be incredibly expensive to continue to repair your furnace. Instead, save money in the long run by replacing your older furnace with a newer unit. This can help extend the life cycle of your newer furnace.

Avoid Dangerous Dips in Temperature

If you’re stuck without a furnace during the winter, this can lead to dangerous dips in temperature that can seriously impact everyone in your home. Keep your family safe and comfortable this winter season by replacing that old, faulty furnace with a newer, more energy-efficient model.

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Schedule Your Furnace Replacement in Carmel, IN Today With Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning

A furnace is one of the most critical components of your home, and it plays a large role in helping your home remain at a stable and comfortable temperature during the winter. If you’re currently struggling with a furnace that just doesn’t seem to be repaired properly, it’s time to give the team at Thiele a call. We’ll provide you with fast and friendly furnace replacement services in Carmel, IN today!

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