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Most furnaces fail during the coldest days of the year. Under the strain of icy winds, aging components can break and shut down your HVAC system. If this happens, calling on Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning connects you with one of the oldest and most reliable HVAC companies in central Indiana. 

Our team of talented support specialists and highly skilled technicians understands the safety of your family and security of your home rely on dependable heating. 

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Causes for Furnace Replacement 

For homeowners that are considering furnace replacement, there are many reasons that prompt a new purchase. While most homeowners do not consider purchasing a new furnace until a breakdown occurs, savvy homeowners may plan ahead based on four common causes for furnace replacement.

Increased Energy Usage

A steady or sudden spike in energy consumption often indicates a furnace is straining to run. Modern furnaces are far more energy efficient than older models. Although a furnace is one of the most expensive appliances in your home, reducing energy usage saves on utility bills. Monitoring your energy usage and comparing utility bills to the prior year often warn you that a furnace is about to break down. 

Furnace Is Over 15 Years Old

With proper maintenance, high-quality furnaces generally run for 10-15 years. Since components often wear at the same rate, older furnaces lose performance, use more energy and are more prone to breaking down. Once a furnace is 10 years old, planning for the inevitable replacement is a wise choice. At 15 years old, installing a new furnace before the harsh chill of an Indiana winter may avoid the stress, discomfort and surprise of a furnace replacement.

Frequent Repairs

One of the most common complaints we hear is frequent breakdowns. Most components within a furnace wear at the same rate. If you replace one part, there is a good chance another part will soon break. Thiele is careful to inspect the overall condition of furnaces we maintain and repair. We often advise homeowners if we suspect a furnace is older or excessively worn. If you experience multiple repairs in one year, planning ahead to replace the furnace is advised.

Indoor Air and Comfort

Uneven heating, cold spots throughout your home and poor indoor air quality are common symptoms of a failing furnace. As furnaces age, the system is less efficient. Without the necessary performance to heat your entire home, rooms become unevenly heated and sometimes entire spaces of your house are cold zones. If you observe these signs, a new furnace will restore comfort and provide a cleaner air quality throughout your home.

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What to Expect From a New Furnace

A furnace replacement in early fall before temperatures drop is less invasive than a furnace installation. During an heating replacement, expect your home to be without heat for at least half a day. This is another reason planning ahead is beneficial. Both an furnace replacement and a scheduled installation follow similar steps:

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Once you contact our team, we promptly dispatch technicians to assess your property. A furnace is carefully matched to suit your home including fitting into the existing space; performing efficiently for the square footage and design of your home; and meeting your expectations in features and function. Many homeowners want the most energy-efficient furnace in Westfield, Indiana. Our technicians provide a full consultation to customize the new furnace to your lifestyle.  

Removal of Existing Furnace

Our technicians will disconnect your old furnace from all systems including electric, gas lines and air ducts. The furnace is then removed from your property for disposal.

Installation of New Furnace

The surface area is cleaned before our technicians mount the new furnace securely in place. Ductwork is typically required to optimize performance and calibrate the new furnace. Some homes benefit from updated air ducts, vents and other modifications to improve performance. The furnace is mounted and connected to fuel and energy sources. 


Using state-of-the-art equipment, Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning tests all functions and calibrates the new furnace to perform in your space. This process takes time and expertise but assures an ideal indoor environment and comfortable temperatures throughout your home. 

Test System and Demonstration

Once the furnace is installed and calibrated, our technicians test the thermostat and heat your home. During this stage, we provide a full demonstration of features, functions and answer any questions you may have regarding the furnace. 

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Financing Options for New Furnace

Thiele understands a new furnace is a major investment in your home. Fortunately, furnaces last for many years with proper care. We offer financing options subject to credit approval. Apply now.

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Maintaining Your New Furnace

The best way to avoid furnace repairs is performing annual tune-ups. While some basic maintenance like replacing air filters and cleaning your furnace are simple DIY chores, professional inspection and maintenance is the best way to maximize performance and extend the life of your furnace. 

Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning offers complete annual maintenance with our professional, certified technicians. Our technicians train with our manufacturers on the latest technologies and advances in furnace repairs. 

We understand busy families can forget to schedule maintenance which is one reason we offer a reward maintenance program. Homeowners enjoy many benefits, and the team at Thiele will contact you when it is time to inspect your HVAC system.

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Thiele Heating & Air Condition is a long time Indiana business. Since 1883, Thiele Heating & Conditioning has been committed to value and reliability. Our team continues this tradition today and into the future by installing quality furnaces and providing excellent care to our customers. Book your appointment with us today!

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