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What Is Two-stage Cooling?

What Is Two-stage Cooling?

Over the past decades, air conditioner technology has evolved to deliver much more efficient cooling systems. Various features and components are included in air conditioning units today to produce better cooling with lower energy consumption, one of which is two-stage cooling.

In our most recent blog, the HVAC experts at Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning share what you need to know about two-stage cooling.

What Is Two-stage Cooling?

Two-stage cooling means that an air conditioner or heat pump runs using a compressor that is able to operate at two different levels – high and low. The unit runs on high to cool the home on hot summer days and it runs on low on days when the weather is milder.

Other air conditioners and heat pumps have a compressor with only one level of operation. This is known as a single-stage air conditioner. The cooling system runs at full blast all the time, no matter how much cooling is needed inside the home.

Benefits of Two-stage Cooling

Typically, the low operation setting is plenty enough to keep a home cool – about 80 percent of the time, in fact. 

  • Because it is running at a lower operating capacity, the system runs longer cooling cycles. Longer cooling cycles generate more even temperatures across the home for better comfort. 
  • By running longer cycles, the air conditioner doesn’t start up and stop as frequently, which means it uses less energy, and components don’t experience as much wear and tear.
  • Two-stage air conditioners and heat pumps are more energy efficient, producing lower utility bills for homeowners.
  • Longer cooling cycles also generate less operating noise with fewer starts and stops.
  • A two-stage air conditioner is able to better control relative humidity levels in the home. These air conditioners and heat pumps remove about two times more moisture than single-stage cooling units.
  • Increased dehumidification power lowers the likelihood of mold growth in the home and reduces pollutant concentrations for better indoor air quality.
  • The two-stage cooling system will automatically operate in high capacity when the need is detected, so you don’t have to make adjustments to your cooling system’s operation.

Is Two-stage Cooling Right for Your Home?

When purchasing a new air conditioner or heat pump for your Indianapolis area home, you’ll have to decide between single-stage or two-stage cooling. Let’s explain the differences between the two system types. 

  • Single-stage units offer lower SEER ratings – SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, which represents a cooling system’s efficiency. Two-stage units have higher SEER ratings and are therefore more energy efficient. With higher energy efficiency, two-stage cooling units cost less to operate compared to single-stage models.
  • Single-stage air conditioners and heat pumps are typically more affordable to purchase. Two-stage cooling systems come at a higher price.
  • Because a two-stage system runs longer cycles and doesn’t experience as much wear and tear, it typically lasts longer. If you stick with single-stage cooling, you may need to replace the unit more frequently.

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