Was Your Indianapolis Area Home’s Heating System Ready for the Cold Weather?

In our post last Friday, “Indianapolis-Area Air Conditioning Systems Strain Under High Heat Conditions Again, But Heating System Weather Will Arrive Soon” we mentioned that while the temperature hit 99 degrees again (Saturday actually saw 100 degrees,) cooler fall and winter weather was on its way to the Indianapolis area. And boy, were we right!

Yesterday, Tuesday, topped out at just 69 degrees, and got down to 51 degrees overnight, which felt, to us, like an arctic blast after this Summer’s heat wave. Right now, at 10 o’clock Wednesday morning, it’s just 60, and only expected to get up to about 65, with overnight lows again in the 50’s. So it is not surprising that area residents needed to turn their home’s heating system on, at least for a little while, to reduce the sudden chill. Did you? If so, did it operate as you expected it to?

We don’t want to sound redundant, but with weather patterns as erratic as they have been, it is important to be prepared for the worst emergencies. Historically, the metropolitan Indianapolis area has seen temperatures drop into the 30’s during the month of September, with average overnight lows around 50 degrees. Even the most hearty of us will probably need to turn on the furnace, if just to warm up the house a bit in the morning.

As you could expect, our phones have been pretty busy the last couple of days with calls from homeowners in SheridanWestfieldBrownsburg, and throughout the metro Indy area for both emergency heater repairs and requests to schedule heating system check-ups. With appointment slots filling fast, don’t get caught out in the cold! Call Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning today, (317) 943-8579, to schedule your Fall HVAC Tune-up.