Breaking Down the HVAC Home Inspection Process in Indianapolis, IN

Breaking Down the HVAC Home Inspection Process

Breaking Down the HVAC Home Inspection Process

If you’ve found the perfect home for you and your family, it’s critical to have a home inspection performed to detail the exact condition of the house. A home inspection provides information to prospective buyers about minor or major issues within the home. Home inspections could uncover serious issues, such as faulty wiring within the HVAC equipment or mold growing within the walls.

Although heating and air conditioner systems are inspected as part of a professional home inspection service, a home inspector will not typically have the expertise to thoroughly examine heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems and provide a detailed report. That’s why the heating and cooling professionals at Thiele recommend hiring an HVAC technician to perform an HVAC inspection before the deal is final.

Maybe you’re thinking of selling your home. Having a thorough HVAC home inspection performed by high-quality HVAC home inspectors before you put your home on the market is also a good idea. A heating and cooling technician can examine your unit and make any repair or replacement recommendations before you list the house for sale. This gives you a chance to make any repairs before they become an issue or negotiation point during the sale of your property.

Not making the appropriate repairs to your heating or air conditioning system could delay or even derail the potential sale altogether.

What’s Included in HVAC Home Inspections?

An HVAC home inspection from Thiele checks and tests all of your heating and cooling system’s components.

HVAC Inspection Checks

  • Vent systems for leaks or blocks
  • Heat exchanger for corrosion, cracks or separation
  • Blower check which includes cleaning its components
  • Air intake grills for blocks
  • Burner for correct ignition
  • All electrical connections for corrosion
  • Flue inspection for blocks
  • Belts for wear and tear
  • Furnace air filter

HVAC Inspection Tests

  • Seal on blower access door
  • Amp-draw test on blower motor
  • Flame sensors for correct operation
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Unit’s safety controls
  • System’s start-up cycle for functionality

Truth be told, an HVAC home inspection is not as intimidating as the above lists make it seem. Keep in mind that a professional is the one doing all of the hard work and should be walking you through the process. So, how does an HVAC home inspection come to be? Here are the steps in our process.

Thiele’s 3-Step HVAC Home Inspection Process

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, our proven inspection process delivers customized recommendations. We’ll make the HVAC home inspection service as easy as possible for you so you can move on to the next step in the home buying or selling process.

1. Kick-Off Call with an HVAC System Professional

On our kick-off call, we collect basic information and identify your HVAC needs and issues. This call is important in completing any administrative work so we can efficiently move through our inspection service with you. Our goal during this step is to listen and assess.

2. Estimate and Recommendations

While a “normal” inspection can take a quick 20 minutes, our in-depth service may take up to two hours.  A ‘Load Analysis Test’ takes place to determine the level of heat loss or heat gain within the house. We will then perform a ‘Sizing Analysis’ that helps determine how large or small your HVAC system should be to fit your space correctly. There are also routine system checks to identify any potential roadblocks with the current system’s parts.

3. HVAC Installation and/or Maintenance

After we discuss your estimate and options, we will then schedule out the installations and maintenance to fit your schedule. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Contact Thiele for Thorough Heating and Cooling System Inspections

Looking to buy a home and aren’t sure about its HVAC system? Or are you a seller that wants to inspect your current air conditioning or heating system to ensure that it is in good working condition before you list your home for sale? Contact us today to see how our HVAC home inspectors can answer each of your questions!