How to Prepare Your Heating System for Winter in Indianapolis

How to Prepare Your Heating System for the Winter in Indianapolis

How to Prepare Your Heating System for the Winter in Indianapolis

It’s a good idea to make a list of chores that need to be done before winter, such as cleaning your gutters and raking leaves. One of the most impactful chores you can do this fall, though, is to prepare your heating system for the cold weather ahead. Although it might still be warm out, now is the best time to start preparing for winter before it gets too cold to do these chores.

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Tips To Prepare Your Heating System for Winter

In the winter, Indianapolis homeowners rely on their furnaces and heat pumps to keep them comfortable while they spend more time indoors. When you prepare your heating equipment for winter, you’re preventing issues that could arise later as well as improving your indoor air quality. All of these tips are important to get done when it’s warmer before you need to turn on your heat for the first time. 

Schedule Your Fall Tune-Up

On your furnace should be a little piece of paper that has all of the service records on it. Take a look to see the last time you scheduled a furnace tune-up. If it’s been more than two years, then you’re overdue. Heating systems should be tuned-up annually, preferably in the fall before you turn the system on for the first time. The last thing you want is to turn your furnace on during the first cold day only to have it not start up.

Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning can help prepare heating systems for winter regardless if you use a heat pump, furnace, or boiler to heat your home. Our experienced heating and air conditioner technicians always recommend yearly inspections for your heating systems.  

Clean Your Air Vents

You clean the inside of your house on a regular basis, but how often do you clean your air vents? Dust accumulates everywhere, including in your air vents. Cleaning regularly doesn’t just prevent the spread of allergens through the air, but it also helps keep your furnace or heat pump clean. If you see dust on the grates of your air vents, go ahead and clean them. Feel free to vacuum inside your vents as well. This can help with your indoor air quality throughout the winter and lower your heating costs for increased energy savings.

Change Your Furnace Filter

Furnace air filters are the furnace’s last line of defense against dust and air pollutants. When you have your fall furnace tune-up performed, your technician will replace your furnace filter, if necessary. But don’t let this be the only time this year that your air filter gets replaced. Another great way to prepare your HVAC system for cold weather is to change your furnace filter every 90 days. This prevents dust, allergens, and other airborne particles from circulating in the air. 

Add More Insulation

Insulation is what keeps the heat inside your home. Insulation is often in your attic between the ceiling and the roof. Certain types of insulation settle over time, and water damage to your insulation can shorten its lifespan. Older homes especially may need more insulation to make sure the heat stays in. It’s never a bad idea to check out your insulation and add more if needed. You can find rolls of insulation at most hardware stores, but if you want to ensure the job is done right, contact a professional.

Never Miss a Fall Tune-Up Again With Thiele’s Maintenance Plans

If you keep forgetting to schedule your fall tune-up, sign up for a maintenance plan through Thiele. We’ll schedule your annual furnace and air conditioning inspections for you so you always have reliable heating and cooling no matter the season. For all of your HVAC equipment needs, contact Thiele today