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How to Install a Furnace Filter

How to Install a Furnace Filter

The easiest way to protect your furnace from airborne dust, debris, and pet dander is to replace your air filter. Thiele recommends checking your filter and installing a new one to improve the comfort of your home during the winter months. By following a few simple steps, changing your air filter is surprisingly simple for most homeowners. New filters protect your furnace and improve the air quality within your home. Finally following a regular schedule of checking and changing the filter is a great supplement between professional maintenance service appointments.

Steps for Replacing Your Furnace Filter

Locate the Filter

On most furnace units, there is an easy-to-open panel where cool air enters the furnace. The HVAC furnace filter is located behind this panel Accessing the panel typically doesn’t require tools and you always refer to the owner’s manual of your furnace for detailed instructions. There are a few key points to note before changing air filters so pay attention to the original filter during the next two steps.

Check Air Flow Direction

The existing filter will help identify the airflow direction. If an air filter is installed incorrectly it will hinder how the air flows, reduce efficiency, increase utility bills and even harm your furnace. Airflow draws air from outside the furnace into the unit. Since filters are clearly marked with an arrow pointing in the direction it faces to be installed correctly. Looking at the location of the existing filter is a simple practice to follow.

Determine the Size of Your Filter

Furnace filters are specific to your furnace model. There are many common dimensions. Almost all air filters feature the dimensions clearly printed on the sides. The old filter indicates the size your furnace requires. Recording the dimensions and airflow direction on the panel is also an easy record-keeping trick.

Buy the Correct Filter

Beyond purchasing the correct dimensions, you should purchase the appropriate filter for your furnace. There are many manufacturers and within each manufacturer, there are variables including micron and allergy specifications. When in doubt, renewing the original filter is always the best option.

The wrong specifications may alter performance. Filters protect the internal components within your furnace, improve the air quality within your air ducts and reduce allergens within your home. If an air filter is too small, you risk dirt and debris damaging your furnace and contaminating the air in your home. If an oversized air filter is forced into a furnace, airflow may be restricted, straining your system and potentially risking costly repairs. Our technicians always install the appropriate filter during your annual inspection and maintenance. Purchasing the proper furnace filter from our technicians will keep your furnace running optimally.

Changing the Filter

Replacing the old filter is easy once you have verified air flow direction and dimensions. Within the access panel, you simply remove the old one and install the new filter.

How Often Should I Change My Furnace Filter?

Marking the outfacing portion of the air filter helps keep track of when the filter was installed. Purchasing in bulk and writing the date to change on each filter is a great way to stay on a regular schedule. The best practice is to check your air filter monthly and change it every 3 months. If you use a calendar or reminder on your phone, adding an alert makes sure you don’t skip a month or fall off schedule. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations is a good plan. For homeowners with allergies or in settings where dust, debris, and pet dander are more common, checking and even changing the air filters once a month is not uncommon.

Call Thiele for Furnace Maintenance Services

Changing your air filter is an ideal supplement to our professional maintenance services. Besides changing your furnace filter, it’s a good idea to also schedule your annual furnace maintenance with Thiele Heating and Air Conditioning in the fall before the heating season begins. During your appointment, talk to one of our team members about how we can help boost the indoor air quality of your home with an air cleaner. Contact Thiele to schedule your furnace maintenance service today.