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How Long Do Air Conditioners Last?

How Long Do Air Conditioners Last?

There’s nothing worse than coming home to a hot, humid home. Not only is it uncomfortable and potentially even unsafe, but it also signals that you might need to replace your air conditioning system. Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning understands that you want your air conditioner to last as long as possible, as replacing the unit is often expensive and stressful.

In our latest blog post, we’ll discuss how long air conditioners typically last, as well as share some tips that can help to lengthen the lifespan of your system. For more helpful information, get in touch with our team today.

The Typical Air Conditioner Lifespan

Typically, you can expect your home’s air conditioner to provide cool temperatures for 12-15 years. Be sure to provide your system with the regular maintenance and care that it needs in order to reach the later years of that age range. Doing so will not only provide many years of cooling, but will also help to keep energy bills as low as possible.

When discussing system lifespans, however, it’s important to remember that every air conditioner is different, and every family has different preferences when it comes to ideal home temperatures. So while one family might need to replace their air conditioner after 12 years of use, another family might get over 15 years of usage out of their unit. Many different factors can determine the lifespan of your individual AC system.

How to Lengthen Your AC’s Lifespan

Schedule Regular Maintenance

The best way to think about AC unit maintenance is to compare it to a car. For example, you would never go years without giving your car maintenance. Just like your car, your air conditioner needs regular maintenance in order to correct any minor issues and to keep your HVAC system running as well as possible. Regular air conditioning maintenance should typically be scheduled once per year to see maximum results.

Replace Air Filters

Your AC system’s air filter is responsible for keeping pollutants and contaminants out of your home’s air supply. Over time, the filters will need to be replaced as they continue to catch pet dander, pollen, dust, smoke, mold spores, and more. Neglecting to replace the filters can cause the system to work harder and even lead to a breakdown if left alone for too long. Try to replace your filters every three months or so.

Regulate System Usage

Ideally, you’re not setting your thermostat at a very low temperature at all times throughout the day. Instead, the thermostat should be set to a higher temperature so your system does not need to turn on as often. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends leaving your thermostat at 78°F while you’re home, and then bumping it up a few degrees while you’re away. Setting the temperature too low can cause your cooling system to run nearly non-stop all day, leading to additional wear and tear.

Fix Any Air Duct Leaks

Central air conditioning units utilize ductwork that helps air flow throughout all areas of your home. As ductwork ages, cracks can form that allow cool air to escape. The more air that escapes through a leaky duct, the harder your air conditioning unit will need to work in order to cool your home. Having any leaks in your ductwork repaired can alleviate some of the stress that your air conditioner would otherwise experience.

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