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The Benefits of Joining a Heating Maintenance Program

The Benefits of Joining a Heating Maintenance Program

There are a few home maintenance chores you should do on a regular basis, and keeping a schedule is a good way to ensure everything gets done. Every six months you should power wash your home, clean your gutters, and have your air conditioner and furnace serviced.

The last one is especially important. Your heating and cooling system should be tuned up twice per year, in the spring and again in the fall. But it’s important not to put off this task. Seasonal service appointments fill up fast, and if you called late in the season, it might be a while before someone can come out. Signing up for a heating maintenance program can make this seasonal chore a breeze.

At Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that life happens, and your home’s bi-annual HVAC maintenance isn’t always a high priority. Since it’s so important to us, let us take care of it. We make it easy to keep your air conditioner and furnace running efficiently so it’s ready to go every season. There are many other benefits that make signing up for our annual maintenance plan a smart idea. 

What Is Included in a Heating Maintenance Plan?

Thiele’s Annual “Rewards” Service Agreement Heating Maintenance Program is an inclusive program that our members value. For a very affordable annual fee, we will:

  • Perform bi-annual preventative maintenance on your home’s HVAC system.
  • Check and adjust airflow temperature
  • Clean or replace air filters
  • Inspect and adjust your thermostat settings and operation as desired
  • Clean coils and clear debris from the condenser unit
  • Provide a 15% discount on any parts and repairs needed, including the current visit

What Are the Benefits of Joining an HVAC Maintenance Program?

Signing up for a routine maintenance program is a great way to stay on top of preventative maintenance. When your furnace is cleaned and maintained properly, it will be more energy efficient and less prone to damage. Many furnace warranties require regular maintenance to be kept up on your furnace. If you miss too many tune-ups, your repair claims might not be covered under your warranty. 

Customers who need furnace repairs and are signed up for our maintenance plan notice the savings right away. Depending on the repairs needed, some customers have noticed savings on repair bills from between $100-$400.

Who Would Benefit the Most from Joining a Heating Maintenance Plan?

For busy individuals who put their furnace maintenance low on their priority list, a maintenance plan could be just what you need. Have peace of mind knowing that Thiele is there every season to make sure you stay comfortable.

People in older homes or homes with old HVAC systems would experience the most savings for signing up for a plan. Older HVAC systems tend to cause problems and break down unexpectedly. If your system is old, but you can’t afford to replace it yet, this might be a good solution for you. Take advantage of our discounts on repairs whenever you need them. Your comfort is important to us, and as a maintenance program member, you’ll receive priority service for repairs.

If a maintenance plan does not sound up your alley, that’s ok. But we can’t stress enough the importance of bi-annual maintenance. Changing your furnace filter every 90 days, cleaning the area around your furnace regularly, and utilizing a programmable thermostat are just some of the tips we have to keep your furnace in good shape between maintenance appointments. 

Sign Up for Thiele’s Annual “Rewards” Service Agreement Maintenance Program Today

If you’re ready to take advantage of big savings on maintaining your HVAC system, then sign up for Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning Annual “Rewards” Service Agreement Heating Maintenance Program today. Our friendly technicians value your comfort as much as you do. You’re in good hands when you enroll in a maintenance plan with us. Contact us today to learn more.