Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

The weather in central Indiana is still warm and the kids just went back to school, but we all know that fall is just around the corner. Before we know it, we’ll be inundated with pumpkin-spice everything and Halloween costumes. We’re pretty sure some stores have already started stocking fall decorations! Before the cooler temperatures are overwhelming, take a look at this fall maintenance checklist for your home! It’ll be a great start to ensure home comfort all year long.


  • Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts. With the fall season comes falling leaves, so you’ll want to be sure your gutters and downspouts are cleaned out before it becomes a problem.
  • Give your furnace a physical. In Central Indiana, it’s sometimes hard to predict when we’ll need to first turn on that furnace. Stay ahead of the game and have a professional inspect your heating system. Be sure to clean or replace dirty furnace filters.
  • Clean out your fireplace. When the cooler weather hits, there’s nothing cozier than a warm and soothing fire. But you’ll want to be sure your fireplace and chimney are ready! Clean out ash and charred wood from the fireplace and have your chimney cleaned by a professional.


  • Prepare your water heater. No one wants to take a cold shower in the fall and winter, right? Get ready for cooler weather by draining the water heater and clean out debris that may have settled in the tank.
  • Inspect your roof. Although snow may still be a few months away, it’s always a good idea to take a peek at your roof for signs of minor damage such as missing, broken, cracked, or curling shingles. If you notice anything wrong, be sure to get the repairs made as soon as possible to avoid further damage


Need help with your fall home maintenance in Indianapolis? Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning can take care of your home comfort all year long. All day & night, too — in an emergency, call 317-943-8579 anytime, including holidays.