Air Conditioning Repair during Heat Waves in Indianapolis | AC

Air Conditioning Repair for Indianapolis HVAC System Looms if Your Air Filter is Dirty

Though the current heat wave in the Indianapolis area is putting a strain on central air conditioning systems, at least we have not experienced the power outages that millions of people are suffering through on the East Coast.

Obviously, your air conditioner is working at maximum capacity during this streak of hot weather, so it is important to help your system perform with as little extra and unnecessary stress as possible.

Of course, as we have stated repeatedly, the best way you can help your air conditioner perform at its best is to keep your air filter clean. We feel like a broken record sometimes, because we repeat this edict so often, but when your HVAC system’s air filter is completely covered with lint, it is so much more difficult for your system to do its job properly.

A clogged air filter forces your air conditioner to work harder to draw in air, which naturally uses more energy. When you keep your A/C air filter clean, especially during the hottest days of the years, you are helping yourself reduce next month’s energy bill (short-term savings) and prolong the life of your air conditioning system (long -term savings). That’s a win-win situation that is easy to accomplish.

A little preventative maintenance of your big investment goes a long way. Have you checked your A/C air filter in the last 60 days? If not, you may end up calling us for A/C repair service, like so many other people we have heard from in the last week.