Benefits of Variable Speed Compressors During Cooler Weather

What Are the Benefits of Variable Speed Compressors During Cooler Weather?

What Are the Benefits of Variable Speed Compressors During Cooler Weather?

Today’s heat pump systems are designed with energy-saving technology and durable components to give homeowners the finest comfort and user experience available. One such technology is the addition of variable speed compressors in certain heat pump models. Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning explains what a variable speed compressor is, what it does, and their cold weather benefits.

What Are Variable Speed Compressors?

Every heat pump and air conditioner has a component called the compressor. The role of the compressor is to compress refrigerant, which raises refrigerant temperature before it travels to the indoor air handler’s evaporator coil and releases heat into the indoor air.

Traditionally, the system’s compressor ran at one speed and one speed only. Now, variable speed compressors are being incorporated into new HVAC equipment, allowing the system to operate at reduced capacities. A single-stage compressor operates at 100 percent all the time, whereas a variable speed compressor can lower its operation all the way down to about 30 percent, depending on the heating needs of the home. Reduced operating capacity extends cycle times and keeps the home warm, but does so with less energy consumption.

Benefits of Using Variable Speed Compressor Heat Pumps in the Winter

Using heat pump systems with variable speed compressors can provide advantages to homeowners over the winter months.

  • Heat pumps with variable speed compressors offer excellent indoor climate control during periods of cold weather, as well as the rest of the year. These compressors are designed to run longer than conventional components. Running longer cycles at lower capacities provides greater control over temperatures and comfort conditions across the house.
  • Longer heating cycles from variable speed compressors also generate benefits when it comes to energy savings. HVAC units consume a lot of energy as they start up. With a conventional model, there are going to be numerous cycle starts as these systems don’t run as long as a variable speed compressor system that can operate at reduced capacity. The longer runtime of the variable speed compressor unit eliminates numerous energy-wasting cycle starts, instead keeping the system running for longer periods at a steady, lower level which avoids energy waste.
  • When it’s extremely cold outside, a conventional heat pump with a single-stage compressor may not have the ability to deliver the heat you need under such conditions. Heat pumps with variable speed compressors can increase capacity when faced with cold weather challenges, operating at its maximum power for a short period of time before returning to the lower 30% operating capacity when the additional power is no longer needed. The system only runs at full capacity as needed and will revert back to low capacity as soon as it’s possible in order to conserve energy.
  • A great comfort feature of variable speed compressors is quiet operation. Running at a reduced capacity is much quieter than operating a fixed-speed compressor unit that is much louder. While it doesn’t affect comfort temperature-wise, these units can certainly help you feel more comfortable at home by eliminating intrusive operating noise.

Heating Installation in the Indianapolis Area

Heat pump systems with variable speed compressors are an excellent choice for year-round comfort here in the Hoosier state, and they’re certainly dependable in the winter months! To learn more about new heating equipment with energy-saving technology for your home, such as variable speed compressor operation and more, contact Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning today.