Conventional Heating Solutions

Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning sells, installs, services, and repairs water boilers, furnaces and heating systems of all types.

Conventional ventilation systems, such as an oil or gas furnace and separate electric central ac unit or an all-electric heat pump and backup heater, while still available, are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

  • While heat pumps are highly efficient, "toaster-style" electric backup heaters are extremely inefficient and costly to operate
  • Oil furnaces, while still available, are becoming a less desirable option as oil prices continue to rise and oil furnaces require more maintenance than gas or electric units.
  • We install very few oil furnaces any more, but it is an option under certain conditions.

Bryant is the brand of heating and cooling systems we trust.The Bryant Legacy™ packaged air conditioner/gas furnace combo provides refreshing electric cooling and excellent packaged system gas heating efficiency for winter.

  • Oil is expensive, and oil furnaces are not being manufactured as widely as they used to be
  • It can be difficult to find replacement parts and service for them other than from an experienced company like Thiele
  • Oil furnaces are dirty, and require much more maintenance and upkeep than a gas furnace or electric heat pump
  • "Greener" and more efficient solutions are available, such as:
    • Hybrid Systems – combine an electric heat pump with a gas or electric backup heater. IPL estimates that high-efficiency electric heat pumps return up to $3 in heating and cooling for each $1 spent on the electricity to run them.
    • A variable speed furnace blower can provide even greater cost-savings by adding another SEER to your system’s energy-efficiency equation (e.g., boost 13-SEER system to 14-SEER to improve performance efficiency)
    • Geothermal Systems – heating and/or cooling that uses the Earth’s ability to store heat in ground and water thermal masses
  • When switching to one of these systems, a working gas furnace can be utilized as the backup heating system:
    • You gain no real advantage by replacing it with an electric backup heater
    • The cost to operate each (as a backup system only) is about equal.
    • A gas backup heater is more effective and cost-efficient when the temperature drops below 35 degrees