About Us

Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning serves all of central Indiana. We have a team of trained technicians working in coordination with our skilled support staff who make sure that our team is prepared to get your job done to your satisfaction. 

The Thiele team today carries on the tradition of quality and customer service that has made the Thiele name synonymous with:

♦ Value     ♦ Integrity     ♦ Reliability

Whether it’s your gas, oil, or electric furnace, your air conditioner, heat pump, humidifier or purifier, or service and repair need, for residential or commercial projects, Thiele is the heating and air conditioning company to call to get the job done right. 

Call 317-639-1111 today and see!

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Learn more about Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning - Over 125 Years of serving central Indiana Hoosiers' air handling needs.

Over 125 Years of serving central Indiana Hoosiers and going strong!
Come and see the difference and be a part of Team Thiele.

  — John and Kara Traub, Owners