What’s Wrong with My Heater?

Know When to Call a Professional

Discovering a Problem

DIY checks and tests only go so far when it comes to maintaining your heater. Furnace manufacturers include language in warranties that excludes damage resulting from improper maintenance, making it critical to leave certain work to the professionals.

To keep any HVAC performing at a high level, a technician should pay your system a visit at the very least once a year, and for older units, 2-3 times each year.  A professional should also be consulted if and when you find yourself wondering if you need to repair or replace your furnace.

Here are three key times for a technician to test your unit to prolong its life:

  • Annual Maintenance – Each year, a skilled contractor should pay your HVAC a visit to check for damages like leaks, blockages, rust, corrosion and more. There are also a number of tests that are specific to each HVAC brand that the technician will need to perform.
  • Seasonal Checks – Your system should be inspected seasonally, depending on your climate. These inspections help keep your heater efficient and can identify problems early.
  • The Heater is Out of Commission – If your heater has completely failed to work during winter, it’s critical to call a trusted heating company to determine whether you should repair or replace your system.

Why Professional Maintenance on Your HVAC is So Critical

When you hire a HVAC company to service your unit, you not only help extend the life of your heater but can also have peace of mind your home is safe. Heaters that haven’t been properly maintained can create a dangerous living situation for a variety of reasons.

  • DIY Maintenance = Unsafe Heater – Attempting to fix a leak or tighten components within your unit may endanger the next person who services the system.
  • Lack of Care for Gas Heaters = Fire Hazard – Failing gas or oil connections are both a fire hazard and health risk.
  • Leaks = Bacteria Growth and Mold – However small, leaks can quickly grow bacteria or worse: mold.

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