Indoor Air Quality: Cold and Flu Prevention

Once again, summer has flown by here in Indianapolis. Back in May, we shared information about indoor air quality and what you can do to improve it year-round. Now that September is over halfway over, it’s already time to start preparing for cold and flu season. Your indoor air quality is imperative to avoid illness, but we also found other tips to help keep you and your family healthy and comfortable.

Keep your home well hydrated. Colder temperatures means the air gets dry both indoors and outdoors. To prevent the dry air from coming into your home, it’s important seal up and air leaks in doors or windows. Once your heating system is turned on, dust, pollen and other allergens are circulated and can inflame your sinuses. Cold, dry air plus those allergens can also irritate your airways, causing allergy or asthma problems.

Running a humidifier in your home will add moisture to dry air. The moist air will help keep your skin, mouth, and nose lubricated. A comfortable level of humidity should be between 30% and 50%. We recommend that every home in Central Indiana should have a humidifier as part of its ventilation system.


Create a sick room. Sometimes, even with diligent prevention, a cold or virus hits us. When that happens, you should set aside a room for whoever is sick. “Some cold and flu viruses can live on skin and other things a sick person might touch — doorknobs, remote controls, faucet handles — for up to 8 hours. And it would be hard for a healthy person to avoid touching all of those things.” Keep the room stocked with everything needed — tissues, medicine, a thermometer, and plenty of fluids.


Learn more about flu prevention from the CDC:

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