Indianapolis’ Channel 13 News Consults Thiele on Heating & Air Conditioning Matters

When local television station WTHR-13 produces a seasonal report about home heating and air conditioning systems and how to maintain them, they regularly consult with Thiele president John Traub and our team of expert service technicians here at Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning.

For example, John was consulted for a news report about the importance of maintaining home air conditioners to keep them operating properly and efficiently. His advice included:

  • “A home owner can tell that they’re due for a tune-up by higher humidity levels, higher electric bills, less comfort. An annual tune-up will not only help keep a home’s AC unit operating at peak performance levels, it will also increase efficiency and reduce energy cost.”
  • “Anytime the fan is on, you’re moving air through the system. So the typical one inch filter that you have as a homeowner needs to be changed every month. If you have a media filter, or say a four inch filter, you can change them less frequently, but it is very important to the life of the system to change your filters on a regular basis.

Watch the Video: “Why it’s Important to Service Your Air Conditioner Regularly on the Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning website. (opens in new window)

For another report, “Keeping Your AC Working in the Extreme Heat,” which was broadcast during Indianapolis’ 2011 heat wave, Channel 13 News consulted with Thiele Service Tech Keith Wray on how to keep home air conditioners working properly, and what to do if your A/C system does break down.

According to Wray, to avoid an A/C breakdown, you should avoid the biggest cause:

  • Dirty air filters are always the number one problem. Air filters should be changed on regular basis to keep A/C units operating at peak efficiency.” (varies based on type of filter used, but every six months, at a minimum)
  • Things to do in the mean time while you are waiting for the A/C to get fixed include:
    • Keep doors shut, shades down, put your fan on to circulate air.”
    • “Avoid upper levels of the home because heat rises, which increases their temperature.”
    • Consider moving into the basement, if you have one. A well-insulated basement can be 5 – 10 degrees cooler, or more, than the main floor of the house when the air conditioning is off.”

John and the entire Thiele team take pride that the staff at WTHR News recognizes us as experts in the heating & cooling field, and turn to us when they need information, advice, or comments.

If you would like to take advantage of that same expertise for your heating and cooling needs, whether it’s to replace an old furnace, install a new heat pump, or for an emergency air conditioner repair on the hottest day of the summer, visit the Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning website for more information, or call us at (317) 639-1111 for prompt, reliable service.