Super Bowl XLVI Event Parking: 19 Days, 8 Hours, and Counting

In our last post, Navigating Indianapolis During Super Bowl XLVI and other Need-To-Know Information, we discussed road restrictions and getting around downtown Indy during the two week long event. Today, we will look at downtown parking, including on Super Bowl Sunday, and available alternatives.

Parking for Pre-Game Events
For events leading up to Super Sunday, you will be able to park in any of the many lots and garages in the downtown area, based on availability, of course, which may or may not be problematic. This interactive map of available lots and garages should help you find parking near your destination.

A good alternative to dealing with downtown traffic is Park and Ride, which will be in operation from Friday, January 27th through Saturday, February 3rd. Convenient, low-cost Park and Ride locations on the north, east, and west sides of downtown will be available to park your car and ride a roundtrip shuttle to the centrally-located drop-off/load zone near the Super Bowl Village. Park and Ride spaces can be reserved online at a cost of $2.00 person. Alternatively, cash sales will be accepted at all locations at $10 per carload.

Park and Ride Locations (click on links below for driving directions in a new window)

  • North Location – 327 N. Illinois Garage
  • West Location – Former Airport Long Term Parking lots at 2155 S. High School Road
  • East Location- Market District Garage and adjacent Surface Lot at 101 N. New Jersey Street

Super Bowl XLVI Game Day Parking
Everything changes on Super Sunday! Pre-purchased parking permits will be needed to park downtown. Game Day parking permits are currently available for sale online, and seem to be going fast. (When we checked this morning, only two of the numerous garages were still taking orders for standard automobile parking.) The cost to park downtown is $60.00, plus FedEx shipping charges.

Download the Super Bowl XLVI Game Day Parking Map.

A couple of other things to note:

  • All parking areas will open at 11am on Super Bowl Sunday
  • Tailgating will not be allowed in any parking areas for Super Bowl XLVI
  • There are no bus, limousine, sedan or shuttle drop-off or pick-up areas at Lucas Oil Stadium during Super Bowl XLVI
  • Post Game ONLY – Taxis will be allowed to drop-off and pick-up on Robert D. Orr Plaza
  • RV Parking will not be allowed in any parking areas for Super Bowl XLVI

Now that you know how to get downtown, and what to do with your car when you get there, you’re ready to enjoy the many events and activities leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. We’ll take a look at a number of these on Friday, including the NFL Experience at the Convention Center, and the free, family-friendly Super Bowl Village.

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