Get Ready for the Dog Days of Summer in Indianapolis

After a couple of days of (slight) relief from last week’s oppressive heat, it looks like we’re in for another round of sweltering summer days.

As Ed McMahon used to ask Johnny Carson, “How hot is it?” Johnny’s reply might have been: “It’s so hot, that to cool off, I had to put ice in my swimming pool.”

Well, it’s no joke! A span of of 90+ degree days last week made the heat and humidity nearly unbearable. So the Franklin Community Pool in Indianapolis asked users to help them cool down the water, which reached 98 degrees, by bringing bags of ice to drop in the pool. Local area residents responded positively, and it didn’t take long to get everyone back in the water.

That’s one way to stay cool on hot summer days, but there must be others. So we want to find out what you do to stay cool when the summer heat gets unbearable. We’ll compile a list of the Top 10 Ways to Stay Cool on Hot Summer Days, and post the results here next week.

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