Space Limitations

A typical tour of a house that our highly experienced inspectors would take prior to giving the homeowner an estimate or recommendation include:

  • Space limitations:
    • Can we get the old furnace out of the house?
    • Will the new system fit through opens to get it into the house?
  • Refrigerant line set configuration – how copper tubing (refrigeration lines) configurations are set up.

    • Whenever possible, we replace the line set at the time of the new installation to ensure a clean refrigerant system is inplace.

    • As refrigeration or a/c systems get older, the oils inside the Freon (refrigerant) will carbonize or become contaminated, much like the oil in your car’s engine, which can reduce the life span of the new system.

    • Many companies will replace the copper tubing or the outside condenser, but keep the old, dirty line set.

    • While we attempt to change the lines on all new system installations, in certain cases, we may have to reuse the old line set due to physical structure restrictions or some other factor.

      In these cases, we take extra steps to clean and flush the lines of contaminated refrigerant, purge them with nitrogen to dry them thoroughly, then deep-vacuum the lines to get any remaining contaminants down to 500 microns or less, which is considered a clean system by manufacturing standards.


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