Plumbing, Electrical & Combustion Air

A typical tour of a house that our highly experienced inspectors would take prior to giving the homeowner an estimate or recommendation include:

  • Plumbing – how water is drained from the house.
    • If water does not drain well, or fast enough, we may need to add or replace condensate drains or pumps to remove the water from the a/c system as it condenses moisture from the humidity in the air.
    • We may also reroute drain lines to improve use of the space.

As part of our inspection, we check breaker/fuse boxes to ensure that circuit breakers conform to the need for less electrical amperage

  • Electrical system, breaker / fuse box
    • Are breakers/fuses sized correctly for safety
    • Newer equipment is more efficient and requires less energy than the systems they replace
    • We will change out breakers to conform to the need for less amperage in these cases
    • Is wiring of proper size for the loads they carry?
    • Level of combustion air – the amount of air required for fire to burn efficiently.

      • Many “combustible” furnaces require combustion air from the space they are in, which means the area needs a certain amount of ventilation to bring in fresh air. Some houses were not built with this in mind, and require the need to have a supply of combustion air available for the furnace to burn efficiently.

      • This is also a safety issue, as a lack of enough combustion air could cause the flame to leak from the firebox to seek out air, which could cause wires and other components to burn. The lack of proper combustion air can also reduce
        the level of oxygen in the home, never a good thing.


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