Home Inspection Process: Sizing

Thiele is dedicated to selling and installing the ventilation system that fits the needs of your home, your family and your budget.

  • A correctly sized heating or cooling system ensures that you will stay comfortable year-round, for years to come
  • We look at dozens of factors and perform a number of critical tests and analyses


Sizing: The Most Important Aspect of a Thorough Home Inspection

The heating and/or cooling system we are replacing was oversized to begin with in about 95% of homes we walk into.

  • This causes the system to operate on “short cycles,” which:
    • In the winter, can cause some parts of the house to be too warm while others are uncomfortably cold
    • Can make the house feel “clammy” in the summertime
  • We always recommend that you install the smallest system possible that will do the job properly to optimize efficiency.

With the current cost of oil, natural gas and other fuels at record highs and still rising, it is more important than ever to have the correct type and size ventilation system installed for your home

For an in-depth look at how we conduct an in-home estimation, read Home Inspection Tour.