Record Indianapolis Heat Wave Ends Just in Time for the Indiana State Fair

If you plan to attend the Indiana State Fair this year, it looks like this will be the perfect weekend to go.

Falling under the category of “No News is Good News,” the National Weather Service has issued no heat advisory or storm watches for the Indianapolis area for the first time in more than three weeks. In fact, as of 3:30 this afternoon, it is a beautiful 79 degrees with a comfortable 42% humidity, a real break from the oppressive, sauna-like heat we have experienced recently.

The 2011 Heat Wave: One for the Record Books
It began on July 17th, and officially ended on August 8th, because the maximum temperature on August 9th was ONLY 89 degrees.

  • Indianapolis hit 100 degrees on July 21st, the first time since 1988.
  • 2011 has already had 34 days of 90+ degrees.
  • The 23 day heat wave of 2011 was even hotter than the August 1936 heat wave, when the previous record of 19 days was set.

See You At The Fair!
When it comes to planning to go to the fair, this year we’re in luck where the weather is concerned. In recent years, it’s been a mixed emotion of wanting to enjoy the exhibits, entertainment, rides, games and food while having to battle the high heat and humidity central Indiana has experienced in mid-August. But it looks like we’ll have some great “fair weather” for at least the next few days.

According to the Weather Channel forecast for Indianapolis, high temperatures through this weekend will range from the mid-eighties to the mid-seventies, with relatively comfortable humidity levels. Sunday will be the coolest day (77 degrees), but will also have the highest chance of precipitation (40%).

Never mind the livestock exhibits, the new Germany Pavilion, the Chinese Acrobats, or even Janet Jackson In Concert; our first question when we head to the fair is, “What’s this year’s “Fair Food” winner?

Because the theme this year is “Year of Soybeans,” all food entries had to incorporate soybeans, soybean products or soy-fed livestock into the recipe. Entries included a Pepper Jack Sandwich on Sour Dough, a Bacon Flavored & Fabulous Pork Burger, and Deep-fried Tofu with Dip.

And The Winner Is (drumroll, please)…..
Deep-Fried Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins -
vanilla ice cream covered in soybean meal, then deep-fried in soybean oil and served in a waffle bowl that has also been deep-fried in soy oil.  It is then topped with chocolate, caramel and whipped cream. Sounds yummy. We can feel the arteries hardening already, but what a way to go! And hey, it’s the Fair!

For complete details about the fair and all its activities, click to download the Indiana State Fair 2011 Program. (PDF opens in new window)

Summer is winding down, the days are getting shorter, the kids are back at school, and your vacation to the Grand Canyon is a fading memory. So get out there and enjoy what may be the nicest weekend of the summer while you still have the chance.

While there are still a few more fun events coming up between now and Labor Day, (more on these next week,) the Indiana State Fair is a Hoosier family tradition that deserves to be celebrated and experienced. And the cooperative weather is a nice added bonus.

[Money-Saving Tip: Tuesday, August 16th, is $2 Tuesday. Visitors to the fair will be admitted for just $2, compliments of Turkey Hill Dairy (with a voucher you will need to print from Additionally, food vendors throughout the fairgrounds will serve some of your favorite fair munchies for just $2.00 each! If you like to sample a wide variety of items, like we do, this can save you a considerable amount of money.]

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