It’s Easy for Hoosiers to be Colts Fans in the Good Times…

… but what about when things aren’t looking so good?

Go Colts!

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Okay, so the Indianapolis Colts have had a couple of bad breaks lately, but that’s all the more reason to support the home team. With a starting record this season of 0 – 5, we’re sure that team owner Jim Irsay, coach Caldwell, and the entire Colts organization feel as bad about it (or worse) as any loyal fan. But after the more than a decade of amazing excitement and entertainment Peyton Manning and the entire team have given us all, we have to say “Give ‘Em a Break!” Don’t be a “Fair-Weather Fan” who only supports a winning team.

Don’t forget, in his rookie year, Peyton Manning and the Colts lost their first four games, and ended the season with a miserable 3 – 13 record. And we all know how that turned out; a Super Bowl title in 2007, and more personal records than you can shake a stick at. In fact, Manning’s Wikipedia biography lists more than 100 NFL awards and personal & team records, including 11 Pro Bowl selections, Super Bowl and Pro Bowl MVP, and most pass completions in a season (450 in 2010.)

So the Colts are off to a 0 – 5 start this year. No one expected Manning to suffer a potentially season-ending injury, so how can we expect another quarterback to just step into those huge shoes and perform at the same level.

We can’t place all the blame on replacement QB Curtis Painter, who threw 15 completions for 277 passing yards and two touchdowns.

Let’s be honest. In our opinion, Indianapolis’ defense let the last two games slip away. The team led 10-0 at Tampa Bay and wound up losing 24-17, then had two 17 point leads over the Chiefs last week, but couldn’t keep them and get the job done. The Chiefs scored 21 unanswered points to win the game 28 – 24.

The bottom line is that no sports team can lose its star player and team leader and still be expected to perform up to the same levels. Even with a 0 – 5 start, we’ve seen noticeable improvement since Week 1, and remain optimistic that the Colts can rebound and make a decent showing of the season.

So, be patient and give the team a break. Let’s all show our Hoosier Pride and support the Colts as much as, if not more than, we did when they had their championship season. In our hearts, they are all champions! And Manning will be back…. Eventually.

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