Indianapolis Star Gets an AC Expert’s Advice

Our company president, John Traub, was recently interviewed by the Indianapolis Star for an article about how best to maintain an air conditioning system as the summer season comes to an end.

When asked for his expert advice on how to make sure your home stays comfortable next summer, he recommended that you should schedule a professional checkup to keep your AC in peak condition. To save money while keeping the system in tip-top shape, John stated that homeowners should get a maintenance plan. "The average AC unit is going to run the equivalent of 140,000 miles a summer. Would you let your car go that long without being serviced? With proper maintenance, an air conditioner should last 12 to 15 years or even longer."

Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning offers our “Rewards” Service Program, which provides homeowners the peace-of-mind of knowing that a well-maintained system rarely breaks down, and that in an emergency, they are our top priority. For a very affordable annual fee, we will:

  • Perform preventive maintenance twice a year, Spring and Autumn
  • Check and adjust air flow temperature
  • Clean or replace air filters
  • Calibrate thermostats
  • Clean coils and clear debris from condenser unit
  • Provide a 10% discount on any parts and repairs needed, including the current visit

For information about how Thiele’s "Rewards" Service Program can help keep your Air Conditioning and Heating System operating at peak efficiency for years to come, and save you money, call Thiele at (317) 639-1111, or visit