Indianapolis-Area Air Conditioning Systems Strain Under High Heat Conditions Again, But Heating System Weather Will Arrive Soon

Can you believe we hit 99-degrees again today?!? We know that it is supposed to get hot in the summer, but this is getting a little ridiculous. We don’t want to beat a dead horse by dwelling on ways to ensure your central air conditioning system continues to work at maximum efficiency, because we have focused on that subject quite a bit during this record-breaking season of extremely hot weather.

So, instead of focusing on the pervasive heat of summer, we will mention that before you know it the leaves will have fallen and we will all be cursing the freezing cold temperatures of another Central Indiana winter.  Do you remember last winter’s ice storm? If so, then you should also remember how important it is to make sure your furnace and other heating system components are ready for the cold weather just around the corner.

Now is a good time to prepare for winter, by scheduling an early appointment for your annual fall maintenance, because there is still enough  hot weather left that your service call will help both your cooling and heating systems. Because we’ve had so many very hot  days here in Central Indiana this summer, your home’s HVAC system has had to work extremely hard in recent months. If ever there was a year to give your system an early tune-up heading into the winter, 2012 is the year.

As always (I guess we will dwell just a bit), you can help yourself and your HVAC system by regularly replacing or cleaning your dirty air filters. Thiele’s skilled service technicians will do that twice a year, as part of your annual maintenance program, but it certainly would not hurt to do that yourself monthly between our visits. In fact, a cleaner, more efficient heating and cooling system should help you by lowering your energy bills. Considering the extreme weather we’ve already had this year in Indiana, who would be surprised if we had freezing temperatures before the end of this month?

To schedule an early fall maintenance appointment, call Thiele at (317) 639-1111.