Hybrid Systems: The Best of Both Worlds

Bryant the brand of heating and cooling systems we trust.As demand for “Green” technology increases, alternatives to traditional heating and cooling options such as hybrid heat systems and geothermal systems are becoming popular options.

The Bryant® Evolution® System heat pump offers Bryant’s highest efficiency performance and most comfort options, and the Preferred™ Series and Legacy™ Line products provide economical comfort. Plus, you can add a Bryant gas furnace and enjoy Hybrid Heat® efficiency to save even more.

  • An energy efficient hybrid system combines a gas furnace with an electric heat pump. Hybrid systems can cut your rising natural gas bill in half. With the cost of natural gas rising dramatically, this could mean major cost savings for years to come. For example, to generate 1,000,000 BTUs of heat:
  • Older or lower efficiency furnaces would cost about $25 for natural gas
  • To generate the same amount of heat from an electric heat pump would cost about $5. For more information, read Heat Pumps Makes Good Sense and Electric vs. Gas Heat
  • Less expense to convert an existing gas furnace to a hybrid system by installing an electric heat pump than to switch to an all-electric heating system, which could cost $3,000 or $4,000 to upgrade meters, electrical boxes, wiring, etc. to get the right service to support the system.
  • While hybrid systems have been available for a while, new technology has made it easier to integrate the systems for installation, and easier for the homeowner to operate.
  • All the software needed to operate a hybrid system now comes with the system’s thermostats we would install
  • When switching to a hybrid system, a working gas system can be utilized as the backup heating system (for when the outside temperature falls below 35 degrees.) You gain no real advantage by replacing it with an electric backup heater. The cost to operate each (as a backup system only) is about equal.

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