Gas vs Oil Furnaces: It Boils Down to Fuel Cost

In today’s post, we were going to write about the differences of operating a gas furnace versus an oil furnace. But, during the course of our research we came upon an very informative blog post, “Natural Gas vs Heating Oil” by Dan Daniels, editor of the website “The Energy Bible: Your Guide to Renewable Energy.”

A few of the most interesting points made in Dan’s article include:

  • To make a good decision you have to look at factors such as boiler maintenance and the price of fuel going forward.
  • Most heating and cooling experts feel that in general oil boilers require more frequent maintenance than natural gas boilers.
  • A properly maintained boiler is less costly in the long run. You might want to consider a boiler maintenance plan
  • Boilers last a long time so in our opinion we think the biggest economic difference over time is probably going to end up being the cost of fuel. If you were to look at it today the pendulum would swing strongly in favor of natural gas.
  • Fuel oil prices shot up by 97% in 2007 as opposed to natural gas which rose about 11%.

The article and its related comments offer much more informative information, so we recommend that you read the entire article, “Natural Gas vs Heating Oil”. We believe that an informed consumer makes a good customer.

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