For Expert Heating Advice, Fox59 Indianapolis Calls Thiele

During Extremely Cold Weather, Be Proactive to Keep Your Home Warm

February 19, 2015 — The single-digit temperatures in Central Indiana this week are a reminder that you can be proactive about keeping your home warm, as reported by Kendall Downing of Indianapolis’s Fox59 TV.

The news report featured tips provided by John Traub, the owner of Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning. Some of tips offered during the report, to help keep your home warm during extremely cold weather, include:

  • Keep all air vents open, so the flow of air from your HVAC system is not restricted, and keep room doors open, to let the warm air circulate throughout your home.
  • Keep window blinds and curtains closed, except when it is sunny outside.
  • Keep your heating system air filter clean, so you don’t overload it. If your furnace is running louder than normal, that could be a sign a dirty filter is preventing air from being pulled in.
  • Cook dinner in your oven, especially food that takes a long time like a whole turkey, instead of just cooking on the stove-top or eating take-out meals.
  • Block the open space under doors that lead outside and seal leaky windows with tape or caulk, to help prevent the cold air from coming inside.
  • Consider switching programmable thermostats to the manual mode, so they do not automatically set the temperature too low, which a loss of valuable heat. It takes more energy to heat up a very cold house or apartment than to maintain a warm temperature in a home that already warm.

Watch Video Featuring John Traub of Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning

You can also view the video of this Fox59  News report here: Taking action: Use these tips to make the most of the heat inside your home