Don’t Get Fooled by Unlicensed Indiana Plumbers

Last week, WTHR Channel 13 News aired a report about an investigation they conducted at the request of the Indiana Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors, which believes that using unlicensed and improperly trained plumbers and contractors can be dangerous and expensive. The fact is, that while, by law, plumbers must take a test and be licensed in Indiana, many “plumbers” are not, even some that state they are. The license is issued through the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency and the law says the plumber must carry the license with him.

As part of the investigation, news anchorwoman Andrea Morehead went undercover to see what can happen when using an unlicensed plumber. As part of the report, a licensed Indiana PHCC member plumbing contractor diagnosed the simple problem that was created and show how a professional licensed plumber would handle the job. The results were quite interesting and eye-opening. While a number of the plumbers contacted stated that they were licensed, they were unable to produce one when confronted by the news cameras.

Watch the full Channel 13 News report: “13 Investigates checks on unlicensed plumbers” for more of their findings.

Historically, while actually two separate entities, heating and air conditioning contractors and plumbers often have to work together. During construction, furnaces and pipe lines have to be located in close proximity to each other. When we install replacement equipment, sometimes water, sewage or gas pipe lines need to be relocated to make room for a new furnace or central HVAC system.

When a plumber is needed in these cases, we always recommend that the home owner use a licensed plumber.

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