Daylight Saving Time Controversy Still Looms In Indiana, And Worldwide, Too

Daylight Saving Time (DST) started this week, which in Indiana is always cause for discussion. Have you recovered from losing an hour of sleep yet? Last year, in our post Daylight Savings Time – Indiana May Have Had It Right After All, we discussed some of the history and controversy about DST in our state, as well as the pros & cons of the annual time change. But until recently we had no idea about the long and complex history of DST worldwide.

This entertaining and enlightening video from C.G.P. Grey’s Blog offers a “A brief history and explanation of the annual madness that is daylight saving time.”


Some of the key points made in the video include:

    • Hawaii is one of two states in the Union that ignore daylight saving time. The other is Arizona, which, with an average summer temperature of 107 degrees, doesn’t need or want any more sunlight than it already has.
    • The original purpose of Daylight Saving Time was to conserve energy by encouraging people to stay out later in the summer and use less artificial lighting. If people get more sunshine, but don’t use it to go outside, DST might actually use more electricity, not save it.
    • As technology continues to improve and infiltrate our daily lives, more electricity is dedicated to things that aren’t light bulbs, i.e. technological entertainments (X-Box, internet, cable, etc.) and climate-controlled comfort inside. So, even if we go with the assumption that DST is effective, it’s probably less-so with each passing year.
    • And speaking of light bulbs, after more than a century of use, the highly inefficient incandescent bulbs are being replaced with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and LEDs, which, as this Comparison Chart – LED Lights vs. Incandescent Light Bulbs vs. CFLs clearly demonstrates, can reduce the amount of energy needed to light a room by as much as 90%.

    Another excellent source of information about the history of DST is the article Daylight Saving Time: Way More Complicated Than Just Setting Your Clocks Back, by Whet Moser, from The 312, Chicago magazine’s staff blog. Among other things, Moser tells the story about how, in 1949, the Indiana Senate quietly passed a bill that would keep the state on Central time and outlaw daylight-saving time.

    And the controversy goes on; reportedly, plans are underway to introduce a bill into the State Senate to repeal DST, which has only been in effect in Indiana since 2006.

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