Congratulations to Butler Bulldogs for a Winning Example of Teamwork!

Team Thiele wants to congratulate the Butler Bulldogs in their stunning victory over the Wisconsin Badgers last night to make it to the Elite Eight, just one step away from a repeat visit to the NCAA Final Four. The way this group of exceptional young men have pulled together is a shining example of the meaning of “teamwork”, balancing individual strengths and weaknesses to form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. It is a philosophy we also believe in and live by.

Butler University and Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning have a lot in common. Butler was founded In Indianapolis in 1855, Thiele in 1884. Butler stresses a commitment to the community, as do we. As Indianapolis’ oldest heating and cooling company, Thiele has been dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service to Indianapolis area residents and businesses for more than 127 years.

Kudos go out to Brad Stevens and his coaching staff for building a team that the “experts” said couldn’t happen again. As IndyStar columnist Bob Kravitz put it, “Heading into this year’s NCAA Tournament, everybody asked the question, “Who’s gonna be this year’s Butler?” Turns out, it’s Butler.” Couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Bob. This is a team that the ways to win, even when the odds were stacked against them. For example, when sophomore Andrew Smith got injured, many were quick to decry the team’s end. But freshman Khyle Marshall stepped in to replace Smith and performed admirably. Team!

As Kravitz further pointed out, “Last year’s team featured Gordon Hayward, an NBA lottery selection, and Willie Veasley, a glue guy whose loss cannot be overestimated. During the broadcast, Charles Barkley kept saying Wisconsin would eventually wear down Butler, and ‘Gordon Hayward isn’t walking through that door.’ Turned out, they didn’t need Hayward.” Team!

Next up for Butler is their nemesis Florida on Saturday. Whether they win the game and make it to the Final Four for the second straight year or not, The members of this team can hold their heads high. For a relatively small, “second-tier” school to accomplish what they have may not be magic, but it’s as close to miraculous as we’ve seen a long time. GO BULLDOGS!!

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