Comparison of Energy Consumption of Central Air Conditioning to Window Air Conditioners

We just read a very informative article written by Brian Palmer on, about the comparative energy usage of the two primary home cooling methods in the U.S., entitled with tongue-in-cheek, Global Cooling: Is central air conditioning more efficient than window units?

The article offers quite a bit of technical information about how government energy ratings are calculated and the differences in the way the two types of air conditioning methods create and distribute cool air, but that is not really of interest to most people, so you can read that stuff if you like to learn about how mechanical things work, like we do.

The main gist of the article came down to the fact that each system can be used efficiently, but each home air conditioning system also offers opportunities for wastefulness and/or annoyances.

The technical improvements of central air conditioning systems, especially a programmable thermostat and its ability to zone your home into individually-controlled thermal areas, can help make central air conditioners very efficient.

Under a few circumstances, conditioning the air in your home with separate window units in several rooms can also be advantageous, but the author indicates those situations are somewhat limited to childless people in larger homes in a low-humidity region. We’re not sure any area of Central Indiana has low humidity in the summer, so though this article is very interesting, it does not have much relevance to homeowners in local communities like Fishers, Greenwood, Whiteland, or Zionsville.

So, having summarized the situation rather clearly, Mr. Palmer indicates that having a central air conditioning system in your Indianapolis-area house is the energy-efficient way to go. If helping the environment and keeping your energy costs low are concerns of yours, as they should be, then you probably already know that regular maintenance of your home’s heating and cooling system, including changing the air filters between service calls by a professional technician, is the smartest way to do that.

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