Indianapolis Scores a Touchdown from “1st & Green”

About a year ago, we wrote about SustainIndy, an innovative program to make Indianapolis a leader in innovative “green” technology for public buildings, and make existing facilities in Indianapolis more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. One of the SustainIndy initiatives established in conjunction with the Super Bowl XLVI Indianapolis Host Committee was the 2012 Super Bowl 1st […]

20,000 Indiana Homes Weatherized by State with Federal Stimulus Funding

We were having a conversation the other day about how environmental issues have rapidly entered and affected our collective consciousnesses. While we still want our minivans and SUVs, we also realize the importance of owning a vehicle that gets 30 miles or more to the gallon. When we think about all the “Green” initiatives implemented […]

Indianapolis Mayor’s New Sustainability Plan for City-County Building will Save $750,000 a Year

In an effort to keep Indianapolis at the forefront of the “Urban Green Revolution” movement, Mayor Ballard unveiled a new Sustainability Upgrades Plan for the City-County Building (CCB) that will reduce the City’s environmental footprint and guarantee energy savings of $750,000 a year for the next 15 years. The sustainability measures, which include heating, cooling […]

Historic Indiana Building Gets a Green Upgrade

As we have discussed in previous posts about energy conservation, here is another example of an Indiana institution that decided to upgrade and update a historic building with a focus on “Green” technology rather than replace it, an extremely environment-friendly decision. Indiana Tech in Ft. Wayne wanted to preserve the best of the past, the […]

Proud to be Hoosiers from Indianapolis

We’ve recently discussed SustainIndy, Mayor Ballard’s insightful program to keep Indianapolis at the forefront of the “Urban Green Revolution.” A related program, RebuildIndy, is his $55 million initiative to repair Indy’s crumbling infrastructure. This boost to the city’s construction program will not only help improve numerous neighborhoods, it means work for local firms and jobs […]

SustainIndy to Hold Post-Holiday Recycling Event

In past posts, we talked about the initiatives sponsored by the SustainIndy Program to help Indianapolis lead the way in “greening” urban areas throughout the country. We thought it would be appropriate to mention one of their important programs that directly affect local area residents, the annual Post-Holiday Recycling Event. This is a great opportunity […]

Local Engineering & Architectural Firm Looks to the Future as it Preserves Indy’s Past

In the past few months we have written about SustainIndy, a program created to make new commercial construction in Indianapolis more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, a great, forward-thinking initiative. But does this mean that we have to abandon our history and tear down the architecturally beautiful older buildings around town? Not necessarily. A recent article in […]

The Nature Conservancy Takes “Green” Building to the Next Level (SustainIndy, Pt. 3)

In our previous post, we took a look at the new HealthNet Community Medical Center, a SustainIndy “green” public works project, and some of the advanced technologies used to create this environmentally-friendly public facility. Next, we’ll look at an even more aggressively environment-friendly project, the new “green” headquarters for the Indiana chapter of The Nature […]

Indianapolis: Building for Tomorrow Today (SustainIndy, Pt. 2)

In our previous post, we talked about SustainIndy, Indianapolis’ bold initiative to develop innovative “green” public works projects and advanced technologies to help make Indianapolis more sustainable and create environmentally-friendly public buildings and facilities. SustainIndy also focuses on the improvement of the quality of life for citizens while building our local economy. Its efforts are […]

Indy Helps Lead the Way to Greener, More Sustainable Cities (SustainIndy, Pt. 1)

Did you know that Indianapolis is a leader in the development of innovative “green” technology for public buildings and facilities? SustainIndy is a bold and innovative enterprise introduced by Mayor Ballard to make Indianapolis more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. SustainIndy is aimed at delivering long term cost savings to tax payers and improving our local environment. […]