Prepare Your Indianapolis Home for the Coming Winter

Halloween is just around the corner and, as hard as it is to believe after this summer of record heat drought in Indianapolis, winter is rapidly approaching. That means it’s time to prepare yourself, and your home, for the cold weather to come. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, an ounce of preventative maintenance is worth a […]

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair for Indianapolis HVAC System Looms if Your Air Filter is Dirty

Though the current heat wave in the Indianapolis area is putting a strain on central air conditioning systems, at least we have not experienced the power outages that millions of people are suffering through on the East Coast. Obviously, your air conditioner is working at maximum capacity during this streak of hot weather, so it […]

Indianapolis Summer Heat Is Here – Is Your Home’s Air Conditioner Ready For It?

Just a quick reminder that time is running out to have your home’s air conditioning system checked and tuned-up by an HVAC expert in preparation for this summer’s hot weather. Thiele’s service techs are on the road, performing AC maintenance for home owners in Noblesville, Greenwood, Avon, Westfield, and throughout Central Indiana, and spots are […]

Christmas Day Dining in Indianapolis

Christmas is the time of year that families traditionally gather together around the tree, and then around the dinner table. Though most of us have already made plans for Christmas dinner, a few procrastinators have yet to decide whether to dine in or go out. While dozens of restaurants offered Thanksgiving buffets or family-style meals, […]

Holiday Season Heats Up in Indianapolis

We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. At least the weather held out for a couple of days. Now that the Holiday Season is in full swing, we thought it might be helpful to mention a few of the many holiday events and activities taking place in the Indianapolis area. “It’s a Wonderful Life” – […]

Indianapolis’ Channel 13 News Consults Thiele on Heating & Air Conditioning Matters

When local television station WTHR-13 produces a seasonal report about home heating and air conditioning systems and how to maintain them, they regularly consult with Thiele president John Traub and our team of expert service technicians here at Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning. For example, John was consulted for a news report about the importance […]

All Indianapolis, General Contractors, Electricians, HVAC Techs, and Wrecking Services Need to be Licensed

We want to follow up on our last post, “Don’t Get Fooled by Unlicensed Indiana Plumbers,” about the inadvisability of hiring unlicensed plumbers. Just one day after we posted ours, the Indy Star published “Hiring an unlicensed contractor can cost you dearly in the end,” which talks about the possible consequences of using unlicensed contractors […]

Your Heating System may not be the Problem if Your Indianapolis Home Always Feels Cold

Do you have one of those houses where the second story is always too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter? Customers whom we have replaced heaters and/or air conditioners for have occasionally reported that the problem was not corrected as they had expected it to be. The trouble is that a […]

Westfield, Indiana: A Leader in Community Emergency Preparedness

Earlier this year, we wrote a series of articles about Ready America, the federal government’s program designed to help individuals (including young children) and businesses prepare and be ready for a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or tornado, or other emergency situation. You may have even seen one of the TV commercials that […]

Was Your Indianapolis Area Home’s Heating System Ready for the Cold Weather?

In our post last Friday, “Indianapolis-Area Air Conditioning Systems Strain Under High Heat Conditions Again, But Heating System Weather Will Arrive Soon” we mentioned that while the temperature hit 99 degrees again (Saturday actually saw 100 degrees,) cooler fall and winter weather was on its way to the Indianapolis area. And boy, were we right! […]