Big Comfort for the Big Game

Watching exciting football match

If you know Thiele, we are all about home comfort. We pride ourselves on making sure your family has everything it needs for all your home’s heating and cooling.

Are you planning a party for the big game this weekend? Be sure your guests will feel just as comfortable as you do with these simple tips!

  1. Get rid of excess clutter. We’re all guilty of having imperfect homes, right? While this may be the case, try to remove as much clutter as possible before your guests arrive. This way, they will have plenty of room to relax as well as set down plates and drinks (don’t forget to leave the coasters out!).
  2. Find out if anyone has food allergies or sensitivities. There’s nothing worse than finding out too late that someone has a severe food allergy. You certainly don’t have to plan the whole feast around one person, but if someone does have an issue, it’s a good idea to offer options that they can enjoy!
  3. Set a place for hats and coats. More than likely, the cold weather will call for a lot of layers. Be sure your guests have an easy and convenient place to keep their coats, hats, and scarves so that it’s also easily accessible when they need to leave!
  4. If space allows, create social “stations”. Although many people may be over to watch the game, keep in mind that you may have others that prefer the social aspect of it all! You will obviously have a place by the TV for those who want to enjoy the game; but it’s a good idea to have at least one other area for anyone who may want to catch up on conversations that don’t involve touchdowns!
  5. Leave the cleaning for later. Although it can be tempting to start to clean up while guests are still at your home, don’t get the rubber gloves on just yet! Your guests will feel much more relaxed if they feel the same from you.Football party

No matter how you plan to enjoy game day this weekend, we hope you have a fun and safe time! What other great tips do you have for getting ready for party guests?