7 Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Tackle in June

School’s out, the days are getting warmer and longer, and you’re about to make the final plans for your summer vacation. But before you do, be sure to think about these home maintenance tasks from Realtor.com that can help your home comfort stay all year long.

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1. Check your AC. “The last thing you want is a busted air conditioner, so before a heat wave hits, give it a test run for 30 minutes to make sure it’s cooling properly,” says Dave Quandt, vice president of field operations at American Home Shield, a home warranty company.

2. Stop mold before it starts. June kicks off a stretch of the hottest months of the year, especially in Southern states where heavy rain is also the norm. All that heat and moisture provide the perfect climate for mold to flourish, says Phil Kuczak, air-conditioning service and installation manager at Best Home Services in Naples, FL.

3. Prime your pool. Test your pool’s pH levels often to keep the chemicals balanced and your pool safe for swimming. Run the pump daily (one hour for every 10 degrees of heat in the water is a good rule of thumb) to avoid that swampy green color.


4. Eradicate pests. Warm weather draws out all the creepy-crawlies. But you can give summer bugs the boot (or at least keep them at a comfortable distance). “Do-it-yourself pest control for a cockroach or occasional spider can be cost-effective, but it’s not going to stand up when you have a serious infestation,” says Ryan Michel, owner of Defense Pest Control in Mesa, AZ.

5. Service your sprinklers. Service your yard’s irrigation system to save water, prevent damage to your landscaping, and reduce standing water.


6. Keep your fridge frosty. It should go without saying that your fridge and freezer are most vulnerable in the summer heat. To keep them running smoothly, clean condenser coils—which help the unit stay cool by releasing heat from the compressor—and be sure to remove dirt, pet hair, and any nasty food that’s lodged there.

7. Pimp your ride (riding lawn mower, that is). Use compressed air or a leaf blower to clear grass, dirt, and debris that have accumulated in your riding lawn mower. Drain old fuel into an approved gasoline can, and follow hazardous waste disposal regulations to get rid of it. Then, change your oil and filter: Granger recommends letting the mower run for a bit before getting started. If you have a foam air filter, clean it with soap and water, and make sure it’s dry before reinstalling.

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