6 Ways to Make Your Home Smarter

Hands holding tablet with smart home automation concept

Lately, it seems that everything is getting “smarter”. According to Pew Research, 77% of Americans now own smartphones. In 2011, that number was just 35%. Now, more Americans are using wearable devices such as fitness trackers and smartwatches. So what’s next in the world of IoT (Internet of Things)?

As technology develops, consumers feel the need to stay connected to more devices. The latest term we hear is “Smart Homes”. This year’s CES 2017, the biggest technology trade show in the world, featured many gadgets that reinforce this trend. While many of these devices may seem a bit extravagant (a smart hairbrush, anyone?), we found some more moderate ways to make your home smarter!

  1. Smart Locks - If you feel that you need a little extra security, a smart lock can be a fairly easy upgrade from a traditional lock. These can range anywhere from $100-300, so while they may be a little pricey, installation is said to be pretty simple! Find out more from PCMag.com.
  2. Smart Lights - Smart lights, such as the Philips Hue, are a great way to save money and energy, especially if you’re upgrading from fluorescent lighting in your home.
  3. Smart Cleaning – If you hate cleaning, there are plenty of smart gadgets that can help! For example, smart robotic vacuums promise to keep floors clean with no effort!
  4. Personal Assistants – We are seeing these everywhere, but one of the more popular ones right now is the Amazon Echo Dot. According to CNET, this smaller and more affordable version of Amazon Echo is the must-have gadget for a smart home.
  5. Smart Cooking - Smart kitchen appliances, such as wi-fi ovens, can be even more useful when you connect them with certain recipe apps. These apps may include interactive recipes, and you can even preheat your oven from a mobile device!
  6. Smart Showerhead - To help save on water consumption, this showerhead changes colors based on how much water you’ve used.

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