20,000 Indiana Homes Weatherized by State with Federal Stimulus Funding

We were having a conversation the other day about how environmental issues have rapidly entered and affected our collective consciousnesses. While we still want our minivans and SUVs, we also realize the importance of owning a vehicle that gets 30 miles or more to the gallon. When we think about all the “Green” initiatives implemented […]

Purdue University Team Takes 2nd Place at 2011 Solar Decathlon

A few weeks ago, we wrote about Purdue University’s participation in the 2011 Solar Decathlon that was taking place in Washington D.C. Now that the competition is over, we want to congratulate the Purdue team for their 2nd place finish with their entry, the INHome. The team finished less than 20 points (out of 1,000) […]

It’s Easy for Hoosiers to be Colts Fans in the Good Times…

… but what about when things aren’t looking so good? Okay, so the Indianapolis Colts have had a couple of bad breaks lately, but that’s all the more reason to support the home team. With a starting record this season of 0 – 5, we’re sure that team owner Jim Irsay, coach Caldwell, and the […]

Westfield, Indiana: A Leader in Community Emergency Preparedness

Earlier this year, we wrote a series of articles about Ready America, the federal government’s program designed to help individuals (including young children) and businesses prepare and be ready for a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or tornado, or other emergency situation. You may have even seen one of the Ready.gov TV commercials that […]